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The Ultimate Holiday Wish List for Language Learners

The ultimate holiday wish list for language learners

At Mango Languages, the gift-giving season is in full swing. Curious about what’s on our wish list this year? Keep reading to find out.

With festive cheer from us to you, we present Mango’s ultimate holiday wish list. Whether you’re new to language learning, a seasoned traveler, or a proud polyglot, you’ll be sure to find some delightfully inspiring, practical, or just plain fun language-themed gift ideas below.

1. A Simple Elephant Planner for goal setting and inspiration

This is no ordinary planner — with space for mind mapping, goal setting, and inspiration crafting, language learners can keep track of their progress and motivate themselves through positive thinking, affirmations, and gratitude.

2. Vocab sticky notes to train the brain

These helpful vocabulary sticky notes have pictures, color coding, and phonetics that you can stick anywhere to keep your brain focused on your target language at all times.

3. Airbnb gift cards for putting language learning into practice

Ready to take all you’ve learned from your language studies and put it to good use? Get out there and make fluency a reality with a gift you can use to explore the world.

4. Biting the Wax Tadpole: Confessions of a Language Fanatic

This book is full of interesting language trivia written for both the casual reader and language fanatics alike. For example, do you know where the words ‘eleven’ and ‘twelve’ come from? Discover these numerical origins, in addition to many other fascinating language facts conveyed through the author’s contagious enthusiasm and witty, relatable humor.

5. A travel backpack that’s as tough as you are

Have you been learning Spanish with the hopes of trekking through Peru, or paragliding across Argentina? Durable and lightweight, this Sea to Sky pack will keep your belongings safe and dry.

6. Lonely Planet travel guides to put in your new backpack

These travel guides provide comprehensive travel information for almost any travel itinerary.

7. Wireless headphones for studying on the go

If you’re the type of learner that needs peace and quiet, these wireless, noise-canceling headphones can turn ‘anywhere’ into your ideal study location. (Psst! Download Mango’s mobile lessons to get some focus time offline — without social media distractions.)

8. A scratch-off map to record your travels

With courses in over 70 languages and dialects, Mango can prepare you to travel the world. Chart your journeys with this scratch-off map that reveals vibrant watercolors in your tracks.

9. Harry Potter in another language

The Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling is one of the most translated book series in the world, so odds are you’ll find at least one of the books in your target language. The familiarity of the source material and little language differences (in the official French translation, Severus Snape’s name is Severus Rogue) make this series a great read for language learners of different levels.

10. International Phonetic Alphabet Art Print — academic and Instagrammable

The International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA)  is used worldwide as standardized representation of the sounds of oral speech, and is used by language students, teachers, linguists, translators, lexicographers, and more. Plus, this print looks great on any wall.

11. When in Rome Travel Trivia Game Powered by Alexa

Language-loving Alexa users can explore the world from the comfort of their own living room with interactive dialogue and language and culture trivia through this AI-infused board game.

12. A Mango Languages Subscription (if you don’t already have one!)

The gift of language learning is one we don’t take for granted. Each native-speaker teacher and expert linguist-created course is supported with culture and grammar notes to give learners the context and confidence needed to speak like a local.

13. These visual dictionaries for extra vocab study

A language-learning secret weapon, visual dictionaries are usually arranged by topic and help you form a stronger visual connection between new vocabulary words and reality. (Plus, everyone knows books with pictures are more fun!)

14. A Fandor account, Netflix who?

Stream a plethora of foreign films from around the world directly to your home.

15. Lost in Translation: An Illustrated Compendium of Untranslatable Words from Around the World  

Sometimes untranslatable words just hit the spot, like the Hungarian word szimpatikus, which describes the feeling of meeting someone for the first time and knowing deep down that they are a good person. Discover more uniquely untranslatable words in this beautifully illustrated, poignant book.

16. A Try The World subscription for foodies with the travel bug

Do you dream of breakfast in Brazil, followed by a midday meal in Spain, and a romantic dinner overlooking the Grand Canal in Venice? Perhaps dessert at a bakery in Japan? Until that dream comes true, a Try The World subscription might be a good alternative. Each month, a selection of snacks from around the world are delivered straight to your front door — definitely the type of learning we could get used to.

Did this list inspire you to jump back into your language-learning journey?  Log into your Mango course below or sign up for a free profile and choose from one of our 70+ language courses to start learning a new language today.

Start Learning

What else is on your language-learning wish list? Share with us in the comments below!

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Megan Polom
Written by Megan Polom

A coffee and podcast addict, Megan is a copywriter here at Mango. She is currently learning Korean and Spanish, and hopes to tackle French next.

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