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Talk Like A Pirate Day 2020 | How to Celebrate Virtually as You 'Harbor-in-Place'


Well, blow us down! This 19th o’ September marks the 9th anniversary of our highly celebrated Pirate language course! Officially launched in 2011, libraries around the world have tossed their land-lubbin’ side to the misty sea winds and embraced the Pirate life. Aye, this year is a little different. 

Even if ye’ be hunkerin’ below decks these days, thar' be no need to becalm yar’ Pirate festivities! Hoist the Jolly Roger and let us help you haul wind virtually this Pirate Day with some ideas on how to set your sails and carous’ with the gnarliest of ‘em. 

Let’s get underway; first things first:

Speak like a Pirate 

Mango’s Pirate course uses our proven methodology and cultural insights to introduce patrons to Mango’s language-learning resources available through your library. Use these social assets to promote the free Pirate course to your community ahead of Pirate Day so they’ll be ready for any digital Pirate inspiration you set adrift as Pirate Day approaches!  

Tip: Household members can follow along in the Mango Pirate course together, or use our Family Profiles feature to learn as a crew. 


What be your pirate identity? 

Download and decode your own pirate name then share out our coveted Pirate Name Generator to assemble your own crew of water-logged marauders. Once everyone is rank and file, this (virtual) adventure is yours for the taking. 


Aye, now time to batten the hatches and becalm the carousin’ below decks!

Promote a 'harbor-in-place' adventure with ideas we’ve noted below that we think your pirate-parroting patrons — and their adventurous families — will love.


Pirate Radio Show (“Seaside Chats”)

Summon your most promising Pirate-toned staff to bring the party to your patrons over the radio waves (or however you choose to broadcast!). (In a pinch, Facebook Live is a great way to do a fun broadcast.)

Here’s how to get started: 

  • Pre-recorded, live, or set up webinar-style to allow patrons to “call in” and submit questions, jokes, or answer pirate trivia. Make it your own with in-house sound effects and scripting! 
  • Set the vibe with the audio essentials; seagulls and rolling waves, low-key musical ambience, and a little bit of background chaos to set the audio ‘scene.’ 
  • Then get silly (or serious, dependin’ on the type o’ Pirate ye be) over the air; read a Pirate story, make up some made-for-Pirate-Day news and advertisements, interview a Pirate — or all the above!
Tip: You can use the the Mango Pirate Course to inspire trivia questions, help you plan a script, or help outline a treasure hunt within the course!


Pirate Ship Pillow Fort 

Let’s be real, mates — what child or adult doesn’t love the lighthearted art of pillow fort construction? Whether your listeners are setting the scene for your Pirate Radio Show, or you’re challenging your community to assemble and share their best Pirate ship pillow forts, this activity is fun for any age. Friendly pillow battle, anyone? 

Tip: Mango’s highly rated pronunciation features will help you fine-tune your Pirate growls and grunts.


Make A Scene

Enhance any ‘Harbor-in-Place’ Pirate Day experience further by applying all the same seaside mood-setting flourish mentioned above, plus some twists of your own to further amplify your seafaring shenanigans. A great way to encourage family participation in this household activity? Brainstorm together to think of fun ways to boost theatrics; assign Pirate names and ranks, create costumes, or share stories in your grittiest Pirate accents! (Then don’t forget to tag us @MangoLanguages with photos and stories from your own personal Pirate Day adventure!)

Speak Like A Pirate

Whether this holiday is a cornerstone of your library’s annual calendar, or you’re hoping to jump aboard this year; use some of the tips above to start planning today. Extra gold shillings if you follow us on social and share your ideas!


What are your Talk Like A Pirate Day 2020 plans? Follow us on social media and share your Pirate Day festivities!


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Mallory Lapanowski

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