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Mango Is Rebranding: A Bold New Look

New Mango logoReskinned to reflect the global impact of language learning and the adventurous spirit of our team, the new face of Mango makes its way onto your screens today.


Eleven years ago, we started Mango to feed our desire to discover and explore the world through a deeper understanding of languages and culture. Since then, our experts have built an environment where smart technology and passionate people work as one to give our users the opportunity to overcome barriers, discover new dimensions of living, and enrich the connection between themselves and the world they explore.


Today, we sent out an email announcing to our users a big change — Mango is rebranding. Here’s what’s changing, and why.



What’s new

With the diversity of our growing Mango community in mind, the new logo acknowledges a universal communication and desire to experience the world beyond what’s familiar to us. By creating a logo with a large personality, we are able to place language learning front and center, making it more accessible to people who have been on the fence or intimidated by all the choices in the market.

We also launched a new website consistent with our new look, one that represents our amplified commitment to providing an accessible, comprehensive learning system that challenges you to discover uncharted experiences through a more profound understanding of language and culture.

The product, while teaching the same way it always has, reflects the new aesthetic. In addition to a simplified design, you will experience a more fluid log-in process. Expect to see new photography, illustrations, and we’ll sound a little different, too. You’ll also notice our new look at trade shows and on social media.


Why we did it 

Our previous logo and brand iterations represented our growing company with a playfulness that reflected our fun-loving approach to language learning. As the Mango community has continued to grow and show incredible diversity and passion for global experiences, we felt it was time to redesign our logo to truly reflect the spirit of our users — fun-loving, yes, but also bold, curious, daring, and unafraid to try something new.

The new look reflects what we have learned over the last decade as a leading force in online language learning: Learning a language is hard, and those who accept the challenge deserve an invigorating language-learning resource that inspires them to keep the curiosity burning.

Blog_divider2What it all means

The new Mango logo represents our inner drive to explore and experience the world beyond what’s familiar to us. In fact, it’s the touchstone for the underlying ethos of Mango Languages — bridging cultural gaps by learning how to communicate with people from other parts of the world.

The logo’s shapes and colors were created to be inclusive, representing flags around the globe and acknowledging a universal communication. You may also notice a maritime theme, which embodies our desire to explore the world.

No matter the flag, the creed, or cultural ideology — with language, we can open doors and forge connections that can ultimately create a sense of unity and connection. For those determined to live life to the fullest, it’s a clear path forward toward exploring all the world has to offer.


Staying true to our original mission

At the core of our mission is the human element, the mutual impulse that drives innovation and provokes our instinct to forge deeper connections with one another and the world we explore. Wherever and whenever you’re ready, our platform and our people are here to get you started on your adventure by helping you communicate with confidence. Click the button below to begin.




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Mango Is Rebranding: A Bold New Look
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