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North Carolina Connects Communities With Free Language Courses

North Carolina takes flight with free language courses for all residents.If you're from the Tar Heel State, learn how you can connect with neighbors and new faces, building a welcoming, diverse community of your own.

We're pretty excited to be offered through NC LIVE, North Carolina's portal of online resources. With large waves of new residents in recent years from Southeast Asia and Latin America, North Carolina has become a hub for diverse cultures and languages, highlighting the importance of cross-cultural dialogue. 

For example, the top 10 non-English languages spoken at home in North Carolina are:

  1. Spanish
  2. Chinese
  3. Vietnamese
  4. Korean
  5. French
  6. Arabic
  7. Hmong
  8. Russian
  9. Tagalog
  10. Gujarati


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Once you’ve created a Mango Languages profile through the NC LIVE resource portal, you can download our free mobile apps for iOS and Android mobile devices to can take your learning with you wherever you go. In the car, on the bus, or at the gym, you can plug into auto play on the Mango Languages app and use Bluetooth syncing for hands-free learning.

Our downloadable lessons for mobile devices are accessible offline, turning any situation into a language-learning opportunity.

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Lydia Koehn
Written by Lydia Koehn

E aí, tudo bem! A lively lexicologist, Lydia loves munching on alliterative morsels almost as much as she enjoys swapping tales of travel adventures.


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