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Why New Year's Resolutions Matter More Than Ever

New Year's resolutions.

Did you know that working towards resolutions, or goals, can make you a happier person? It’s true, and we’ve got over 70 ideas to get you started. 

As we start to tie up the loose ends of the past 12 months, it’s time to look ahead to a new year. One full of new opportunities, lessons, and successes — and a great way to achieve them is by setting a few goals for yourself. Keep reading to discover why goal-setting is important, and to find a little inspiration for next year.

The psychological benefits of resolutions

Making a to-do list.

We’ve all felt it. The excitement of coming up with New Year’s resolutions, working out a plan of attack, and, if we’re lucky, seeing a few of them through. As the new year quickly approaches, so does the pressure to reinvent ourselves somehow — whether it’s by starting a new hobby, remodeling our home, or finally asking out that person we’ve had our eye on for the past few months. While it’s easy (and fun!) to come up with resolutions, it’s not always easy to follow through on them. We might even find ourselves asking: what’s the point?

Like any goal-setting process, making New Year’s resolutions is an opportunity to identify areas for improvement in our lives. It gives us a sense of purpose going into the new year, which can quite literally make us feel good — turns out, the joy really is in the journey itself. We actually enjoy the process of trying to reach our goals more than the feeling of achieving them!

To sum up: New Year’s resolutions might seem cliché, but they do serve a positive purpose. Need some resolution ideas for next year? You’ve come to the right place.

Boost your self-efficacy next year: Learn a new language

Confident woman speaking at a meeting.Okay, we might be a little biased, but we’ve got good reason. There aren’t too many resolutions out there that will impress your friends and family, increase your competitiveness in the global job market, and improve your self-confidence all at the same time. Plus, language learning trains your brain to solve problems more efficiently and see the world in a new way.

It’s true — try out a new language and it might just lead to more creativity overall. Language acquisition helps us find new ways to categorize things, from our everyday work responsibilities to the clothes hanging in our closet. By broadening your mindset in this way, you become more adept at discovering out-of-the-box solutions that others may not consider.

With Mango’s bite-sized lessons, you can easily set short-term goals to measure your progress, then treat yourself to a language-related reward once you achieve them. Lacking motivation? Get inspired with these fun tips that will have you kicking all your excuses to the curb.  

How Mango can help you accomplish your resolutions 

A woman learns French with Mango on her phone.

The most attainable resolutions are the ones that can fit with into your lifestyle. With Mango’s flexible courses, you can learn at any time, in any location (that’s right, you can conjugate from anywhere in the world), and pick up right where you left off after taking a weekend break. Throw in a few of our top tips designed to help you along your language learning journey in the new year, and you’ll be unstoppable.

Not sure where to start? Choose one of our most popular languages: Mandarin, Spanish or French, which also happen to be among the most in-demand languages that employers look for when hiring. Or, pick any other one of Mango’s 70+ world language courses.

Click the button below to log into your Mango learning or sign up and choose a language, then create a profile to start your first lesson for free. Now that’s something worth toasting!

Start Learning 


What are your goals for the new year? Share your New Year’s resolutions with us in the comments! 

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Britta Wilhelmsen

Britta is a University of Michigan graduate, currently living and working in the vibrant city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. When she's not busy teaching English to business professionals or writing for Mango, you can find her enjoying the sun in one of Buenos Aires' beautiful parks and/or studying Spanish in her free time. Like many mangos, she believes that language consistently makes life more colorful.

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