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Our speciality course process: You choose the next one!

We recently launched 17 (yes, 17!) new specialty courses, and we've got plenty more up our sleeves. Our linguists are here to share the creative process, and empower you to help choose the next specialty course they create. Take a look and voice your opinion!

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We’re growing our language collection! That’s right, Mango Languages just added 17 new specialty courses. And we're just going to keep growing it with your help! By clicking above you can vote on or suggest the next specialty course our linguists cook up!

In the meantime, we've been on a global tour highlighting food and dance, to sports and superstitions. At Mango, we’re all about enriching lives with language and culture, and these specialty courses take our core purpose to another level. These specialized courses don’t just inspire learners, they also allow our linguists to tap into their creative sides. We caught up with our lovely linguists, Lilia and Kimberly to get the behind the scenes insight.

Lilia and Kimberly are there from the very beginning for all of our courses, creating our content from scratch. This means we don’t procure or use translation services. Through the developmental process, our linguists are always fine-tuning the basic structure of a course, and there is a complexity to the process when the courses are smaller. This is something Lilia particularly enjoys,

“My favorite part is the creation of the chapters itself — the decisions on what to include, what to leave out, how to explain grammar points, how to create interesting culture notes, and how to make an interesting and useful chapter.”

While each of these new specialty courses falls in line with our core purpose of enriching lives with language and culture, there is also an additional benefit. Take the Spanish texting course for example. Kimberly explains,

“It’s Spanish culture, but it’s a texting course in Spanish and shows the effects of technology in culture in the modern language.”

By developing courses this way, learners are able to see modern and contemporary culture and how it affects different languages. Some of our courses are created to even help your staff. Library-specific Spanish was made with reference staff in mind. The course helps non-Spanish speaking library members communicate with Spanish speaking patrons. Staff will learn how to assist people in getting a library card or computer access. Each of these specialty courses has something to entice all users from beginners to seasoned experts explains Lilia,

“[Users can] learn interesting cultural information about the country the language is spoken in and this acts as a motivation factor to learn more about it, to get familiar with how people in that country think and behave and it enhances their appreciation for the people who speak the language.”

No matter the language or theme, each course is curated with lots of TLC. We want all of our users to feel excited as they explore new worlds and learn new languages.

Most importantly, we want to create language learning experiences that you and your patrons want. We take your feedback seriously and our whole team is eager to hear what you have to say!

So take this opportunity to voice your opinion: what kinds of specialty courses would your library community like to see next? Click below to choose the next specialty course we create!

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And don't forget to keep an eye out for the next courses we'll be releasing this January, including ESL Spanish for Job Seekers and our first Native American language course, Cherokee!

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