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Meet the Fixies: Learning English for Spanish Speakers




This just in: The Fixies are here! Mango Premiere's newest addition is a fun-loving animated series about the little people who live inside of machines and keep them running for us humans. The Fixies enthusiastically introduce ESL students to the science behind everyday machines and devices through short (only six minutes!), entertaining episodes centered around the misadventures of two little Fixies and their accident-prone human friend, eight-year-old Tom-Thomas.

What happens when the Fixies meet Mango? In one word, magic. We're excited to debut exclusive Fixies content with 12 episodes for ESL Spanish learners, and four episodes for ESL Mandarin learners. Learners will explore the wacky, exciting world of the Fixies while learning practical English vocabulary, basic grammar concepts, and fun facts about everyday life and culture in America. Fixies will be debuting on our Mango Premiere platform, but if you aren't familiar with how Mango Premiere works, check out this article by Lifehacker explaining its entertaining and customizable features that learners love. It's fully interactive and as fun as watching a movie, but best of all, it allows learners to follow along at their own pace, so that they can stop, start, and review however works best for them.


With witty banter, tongue-in-cheek jokes, and playful story lines, students of all ages will enjoy learning English with the always entertaining Fixies. Want a sneak peek into the day in the life of a Fixie? Check out this short clip, where the Fixie Simka (she's as smart as she is sassy!) explains how microphones work.


Yes, the signature Fixie music will be stuck in your head all day long — but in our experience, it actually puts an extra pep in your step for the rest of the day. And learning English with the Fixies is just as contagious as their catchy theme song — it's fun, it's effective, and the skills stick with you. Using bite-sized clips, entertaining grammar and culture notes, and stories you'll love, Mango Premiere's Fixies content delivers a brand-new way for ESL students to improve their English and learn about American culture. For a refresher on just how Mango Premiere works, check out our online tour to see how our proven methodology supports language learners.

Whether the Fixies are diving down the drain to retrieve a dropped wedding ring, narrowly escaping the wrath of Chewsocka, the family dog, or exploring the ins and outs of mobile phones, the Fixies are a lovable, fun, and effective way for young ESL students to learn English. Plus, there's a good chance you'll start finding your students repairing the classroom's broken printer or setting up the projector even quicker than you can — the Fixies sneak in some pretty impressive fixing lessons. What's not to love? As the Fixies would say, it's all 'Tideesh!'

Log into Mango and search "Fixies" to start learning today. If you don't have a Mango Languages' subscription, drop us a line to get more information on how to get started. 


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