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Mangos Planting Seeds in the Community

mangos_planting_seeds-1.jpgMangos do more than hang from trees or sit behind their desks - Mangos enjoy giving back to their community! On Thursday, October 1, Mangos left the Mango Grove and ventured out to downtown Detroit for a community day. Detroit is thriving with entrepreneurs with different passions and we took some time to meet them!

Our trip started out at Grand Circus, a company offering training to individuals for technical careers. Grand Circus helps grow local businesses by hiring local tech talent and providing them with a co-working space.  More than 50 entrepreneurs share the space and attend different workshops and seminars to build their skills.

Next, we visited Detroit Venture Partners (DVP). Here, the main goal is rebuilding the M@dison Block and enriching Detroit with internal talent. DVP was built by entrepreneurs wanting to help others like themselves build and grow meaningful companies.  

Our third stop on the Mango train was Bamboo Detroit. This is Detroit’s largest coworking community and it is truly prospering! Not only is the workspace here shared, but resources and networking are also mutually beneficial to the individuals working there.  

Mangos get hungry too so we stopped by Colors Restaurant - a restaurant that solely uses resources from Detroit on their menu. Colors provides job training to unemployed community residents through a 10-week course on serving and bartending, equipping individuals with life skills, job experience, and training.  

Lastly, the Mangos headed over to Ponyride, a truly inspiring work of art. Ponyride’s main focus is to see if Detroiters can take the foreclosure crisis and use it as a positive impact to rebuild Detroit. Space is rented at low costs in order to allow social entrepreneurs and artists focus on their passion and production rather than their monthly rent costs. The environment is collaborative and many of these individuals working there would not have met one another if it were not for Ponyride.  

Check out a few of our photos from the day:




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