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Mango’s Global Music Summer Playlist 2019

Mango Summer Playlist

Do we even need to explain the undeniable link between music and culture? From the familiar sounds of our past, to catching a glimpse of someone else’s history through heritage dance — music speaks to something more than just the melody or lyrics. 

And nothing exemplifies this better than the ubiquity of the so-called summer song

Infectious to the earbuds and relatable to the masses, a summer song is primed for nostalgia. It fits the mood whether your night is spent low-key relaxing on a beach, or exploring the nightlife after a day of zooming through the rainforest canopy on a zip line. 

But there’s more than one way to do summer, so why choose just one song? Or one language? Cue Mango’s globally curated 2019 Summer Playlist. Right now, around the world, music just means a little more, and it’s a great way to practice learning a language. Here’s what we’re listening to:

1. “Fancy” — TWICE (Korean)

An electro-pop song by South Korean girl group TWICE, just as playful and addictive as their previous hits. 

2. “Con Altura” — Rosalía, J Balvin (Spanish

A “reggaeton banger” birthed by the genius combination of Catalan-born Latin pop singer Rosalía Vila, Colombian cross-over sensation J Balvin, Spanish producer El Guincho, and Canadian DJ/producer Frank Dukes.

3. “Sumargleðin” — Doctor Victor (feat. Gummi Tóta & Ingó Veðurguð) (Icelandic)

Yes, Icelandic DJ/producer Doctor Victor is actually a medical student. Check out his SoundCloud here

4. “Mirador” — Kezah ft. Freddy (French)

Are random travel destinations, beaches, convertibles, and a few Spanish phrases thrown in for good measure enough to make a summer hit? According to French YouTube, the answer is yes. “Mirador” is one of two contenders in the battle between French YouTubers Squeezie and Cyprien for song of the summer. Yes, that’s right, this song was literally created to snatch the title of hit de l’été, and it’s winning.

5. “Soldi” — Mahmood (Italian)

A song by Italian Singer Mahmood, “Soldi” took second place in the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest.

6. “Lençol Dobrado" — João Gustavo e Murilo, Analaga (Portuguese)

Duo João Gustavo e Murilo combine traditional Brazilian sounds, earnest vocals, and lyrics that are just sad enough for summer to create a song that makes us unsure of whether or not we should cry, or dance. (But probably not both at the same time.)

7. “Baila, Baila, Baila” — Ozuna (Spanish)

Puerto Rican singer-songwriter Ozuna has been sweeping awards shows and dominating YouTube for the last couple of years, so it’s no surprise that he premiered this remix at the 2019 Billboard Latin Music Awards.

8. “Sunnanvind” — Mares (Swedish)

A modern Swedish take on the “boyband” concept, Mares combines mature lyrics, indie-pop sounds, and poignant storytelling in this catchy song that’s perfect for summer.

9. “Neste Sommer” — TIX (Norwegian)

I mean, come on, this song by Norway’s DJ/producer TIX straight up has sommer [summer] in the title. 

10. “Để Mị Nói Cho Mà Nghe” — Hoàng Thuỳ Linh (Vietnamese)

Vietnamese actress and V-pop singer Hoàng Thuỳ Linh sings about seizing the day in this upbeat song that is a mix between traditional Vietnamese sounds and infectious, electropop beats.

11. “Moment” — Kris Kross Amsterdam (Dutch)

This is the most recent release from the popular Dutch DJ and record producer trio Kris Kross Amsterdam.

12. “Boy With Luv” — BTS (Feat. Halsey) (Korean)

You can’t talk about global music without mentioning the most popular boy band in the world, BTS. This song is sweet, and a little softer than their recent releases, making it perfect for summer. 

13. “Con Calma” — Daddy Yankee, Snow (Spanish)

Is that…? Yes it is. Canadian “reggae” rapper Snow is back, kind of. Alongside Puerto Rican superstar Daddy Yankee, this reggaetón/dancehall hit is inspired by Snow’s 90s one-hit wonder “Informer,” and is now one of the most popular songs of the summer worldwide. As of the publish date on this post, the “Con Calma” video has over 1.1 billion views on YouTube. We couldn’t finish this playlist without it. 


Listen, learn it, live it. Sign in below to get started.

Designed for the explorers at heart, the kindred spirits who want to live life to the fullest, Mango is language learning for the modern world. Challenge what you know and let the world surprise you. With over 70 languages, which one will you choose?

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Megan Polom
Written by Megan Polom

A coffee and podcast addict, Megan is a copywriter here at Mango. She is currently learning Korean and Spanish, and hopes to tackle French next.

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