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Mango 2015: A Year in Review


It’s been another year. Ask anyone here at Mango about 2015, and you’ll get the full rundown of the growths, gains, and late nights logged this calendar year - and it’s all in the name of enriching lives with language and culture. We broke records, we upped our game, we shared infinite numbers of cat .gifs and videos with each other to make it through the madness. But you know what? We pulled off one of our best years yet, and that means more efficient, effective, and fun language-learning for you. Let’s take a closer look at the many Mango Languages wins in 2015 with a quick overview of our top six accomplishments this year.

1. 2015 Course Launches.

You could call 2015 the Year of the Courses. We recorded an impressive number of course additions, adding upwards of 15 unique courses to our catalogue this year. With our ear to the ground (or more accurately, the phone and web) recording your feedback, we’ve been hard at work developing courses that meet and exceed the your needs. Don’t forget about Mango Premiere - we’ve added five new films this year, ensuring that your language-learning resources are as diverse as your interests. Here’s what debuted to Mango courses in 2015.

Mango Conversations:

  • Cherokee
  • Dzongkha
  • English for Spanish-Speaking Job Seekers
  • Igbo
  • Javanese
  • Shakespearean English
  • Shanghainese
  • Uzbek


  • Latin Assessment

Mango Premiere:

  • Alamar (Spanish)
  • Viva Cuba (Spanish)
  • Nat Geo Wild Chronicles 103 (Spanish)
  • Nat Geo Wild Chronicles 104 (Spanish)
  • National Geographic Wild Chronicles 101 (Spanish)

Several market-specific courses:

As we tuned in to the needs of our clients in 2015, it became clear that no two are quite the same. For some, learning Spanish Legal is essential, for others, it’s more about community-specific ESL resources. This year, we clocked some serious hours creating courses to meet the unique, specific needs of our clients - from Fixies videos for young learners to Business Mandarin and ESL Haitian Creole, we’re always game to meet the relevant needs of our clients. Interested in what Mango can do for you? Just drop us a line and we’re happy to talk shop. Just look at what we’ve created for market-specific clients in 2015.


2. Our redesigned mobile apps. 

You already know that Mango Conversations works miracles for your language learning, but this year we took our app game to another level. With a complete overhaul of our mobile app interface, your on-the-go language learning is prettier (and more intuitive) than ever before. Plus, we brought our voice-comparison technology to your phone - you can now practice that pitch-perfect accent no matter where your day takes you. Want to learn more about our mobile apps improvements? Read all about it.


3. ADA Compliance: on-the-go learning just got smarter.

While we’re on the topic, our mobile apps are much more than just a pretty face. This year, we also turned our attention to making sure your language learning is fluid, informed, and fair no matter where you access courses. That means we added mobile data sync for all platforms - near or far, learner progress syncs seamlessly between mobile and web. For the chronic traveler and the busy learner alike, that means your learning is more efficient and effective than ever before. We also updated our iOS app to be ADA compliant - we firmly believe that all of our learners should have full access to Mango mobile, no exceptions.


4. Auto play for iOS and Android apps.

Continuing our theme of mobile app makeovers, we upgraded our iOS and Android apps to have auto play. That means you can now enjoy continuous learning without swiping to get to the next slide, keeping learning hands-free for the busiest of busy people. Whether you’re on a train, at the doctor’s office, or multitasking at your desk, you can keep your learning moving when you’re on the go.


5. A course-wide web redesign.

Did you notice that learning with Mango suddenly felt a little faster, cleaner, and more radiant around November? That was all thanks to our web redesign - we shed our old skin and embraced the interactive, dynamic, and more visually-stunning future. Now when you learn with Mango, you’ll enjoy rich illustrations, immersive learning, and high-quality audio and video. Whether you’re kicking back with a Spanish movie on Mango Premiere or looking for a refresher on Chinese Feng Shui, our new comprehensive redesign has got your back.


6. Free endangered language courses for all. 

This year marked the launch of our endangered languages page, giving absolutely everyone free, unlimited access to some of the most important language-learning out there. From Tuvan to Cherokee and many more, we’re doing our part in keeping endangered languages on the map. The best part: they're all full Mango courses, designed with our signature methodology and features. Check them out and start learning today!


That’s our 2015 year in review - and what a year it was. As always, we’re proud, humbled, and endlessly excited to be working day in and day out to bring language-learning greatness to all of you. Thanks for joining us on this journey - we can’t wait to outdo ourselves in 2016.

Cheers to the new year ahead!

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Jillian Rodriguez
Written by Jillian Rodriguez

Jillian is a writer and editor out of Detroit, Michigan. She loves connecting people through new ideas, interesting stories, and good conversation. In her free time, Jillian loves to read, write, and listen to podcasts - in Spanish and in English!

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