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Are You Ready for International Talk Like a Pirate Day?

Speak like a pirate headerBlow me down and brush me barnacles — International Talk Like a Pirate Day is September 19! Make no bones about it — celebrating this holiday is fun for landlubbers and pirates alike.

Ahoy language lubbers! Don’t be a scallywag — join in the fun with costumes, games, and, of course, lots of pirate speak. 

1. Wear ye pirate costume

If yar havin' a bit o' trouble growing some whiskers, try pilfering yar closet for the following items to create the essential pirate look.

Put on a pirate hat

Got a hole in ye pockets? All ye need is a newspaper to craft this pirate hat. Decorate it as ye desire.

Don a swashbuckler shirt

No need to be a tailor to craft a shirt fit for a pirate with this tutorial. All ye need is one white and one old brown T-shirt and a pair o' shears (scissors, that is), which you'll use to rough up ye shirt and to snip the holes for the ties. 

Strap on yar eyepatch

We won’t ask how ye lost yar eyeball, but cover up the damage done with this easy eye patch.

Grab ye hook

If ye got some doubloons left, check ye local party store, costume shop, or if yer lucky, ye might just score one at the dollar store. To make yer own, snag some aluminum foil, a disposable plastic cup, scissors, and black duct tape — but that last one ain’t essential. 

Wear an earring

No pirate look is complete without a bit of bling. Wear your favorite gold hoops or clip on a dangly earring (we won't ask where you got it).

Watch the tutorial below to see how one of our Mangos made her own pirate swag.

2. Step to some Pirate Day freebies

Long John Silver's

Last year, Long John Silver's official Facebook gave customers an opportunity to win a $25 gift card if they shared their favorite pirate joke or phrase. So, keep at least one eye un-patched so you don't miss any deals this Pirate Day.

3. Play pirate games

Treasure hunt

No Pirate Day is complete without a proper hunt for hidden treasure. Just add yar own pirate twist to a scavenger hunt with swashbuckling riddles and (plastic or chocolate) gold coins for winners' booty. Remember, 'X' marks the secret spot!

Walk the plank

Use two parallel lines of duct tape to create a 'plank.' Blindfold young scallywags and have them walk the plank by staying in between the lines. Another option is to use an actual plank of wood laid on top of a blue tarp. Reward the brave ones with a bag o' chocolate dubloons.

Build a pirate ship

All hands hoay! Adventure into the great unknown with a Spanish galleon. All you need are a few cardboard boxes and some creativity. Check out a few ships for inspiration. Then, place your galleon on top of some blue tarp for even the youngest pirates to start sailing the seven seas.

4. Drink grog

If ye have worked up a sweat with all yar carousin',  you'll be ready for a cup o' grog, a.k.a. pirate punch. While the real deal features a strong spiced rum, you can make a kid-friendly pirate punch with any combination of tropical juices and a bit of 7-Up for some fizzy fun. We found one blogger who makes a mean grog recipe with Berry Blue Typhoon Hawaiian Punch, 7-Up, and eight scoops of pineapple sherbert.

5. Learn to speak Pirate

Learn Pirate for free with Mango Languages

Don’t just look like a pirate — talk like one, too. With Mango’s Pirate language course, you'll learn everything you need to know to talk in perfect Pirate. Create a profile with Mango to start learning Pirate for free!

Change Facebook language to Pirate

Log into yarr Facebook profile and navigate to the dropdown menu on the righthand side to select the 'Settings' tab. Then, click the 'Language' tab to change the language you want to use Facebook in to Pirate. You can even choose to translate your newsfeed stories into Pirate as well. Savvy?

Singing's the life for me

Pass the time at sea with some shanties (work songs with rhythms) that coordinated the labor of sailors and pirates alike.

Steer clear of Davy Jones's Locker, and share in the fun of Pirate language learning at your library

Fancy you’re ready? Well then, batten down the hatches  and weigh anchor to embark on a language-learning adventure!  

Get Starrrted


How are you planning to celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day? Practice your Pirate prose in the comments below!

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Lydia Koehn
Written by Lydia Koehn

E aí, tudo bem! A lively lexicologist, Lydia loves munching on alliterative morsels almost as much as she enjoys swapping tales of travel adventures.

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