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How to Celebrate International Talk Like a Pirate Day

Librarians dressed as pirates to celebrate Pirate Day with Mango Languages.Blow me down and brush me barnacles — it’s almost time for International Talk Like a Pirate Day! Transform your library into a crew full of swashbuckling book-aneers with Mango Languages' Pirate course.

September 19 is International Talk Like a Pirate Day, and Mango's Pirate course is a great way to introduce even more patrons to Mango's fun and effective language-learning resources, available through your library. 

When it comes to commemorating Pirate Day, the libraries that we partner with really go all out. We've had libraries do everything from a pirate movie marathon to the staff dressing up like pirates and various other sea-faring ruffians. One of our libraries, the Fountaindale Public Library in Illinois, held a Talk Like a Pirate School at their International Talk Like A Pirate Day event. Captain Hook and Peter Pan took photos with the kids, and the library even bought a children's pirate ship for photos in the lobby. 

Our local Southfield Public Library in Michigan set up a pirate selfie station with costume props and selfie sticks. Even Mark Twain joined in the fun. Keep reading to learn how you can parrrty like a pirate with your library community!

Mark Twain statue with a pirate eye patch

Pirate party ideas

Highlight pirate-themed literature

South Sioux City Public Library in Nebraska celebrated International Talk Like a Pirate Day with a table full of sea-worthy tales of adventures. 

Mango pirates on a pirate book displayHost a pirate costume contest

Anderson County Library in South Carolina promoted Mango’s Pirate course on Pirate Day with a pirate costume contest and passed out bags of chocolate gold coins to the best-dressed fortune-hunter. 

Hold a pirate treasure hunt

Help your patrons explore their library with a treasure hunt. Find resources for library scavenger hunts online, adding yar own pirate twist with swashbuckling riddles and (plastic) gold coins for winners' booty. 

Build a pirate ship

All hands hoay! Take your library by storm with a Spanish galleon! All ye need are a few cardboard boxes and some creativity. Check out a few other ships for inspiration and place your galleon on top of a handy blue tarp for even the youngest pirates to start sailing the seven seas.

Create a plank to walk

Use two parallel lines of duct tape to create a 'plank.' Blindfold young scallywags and have them walk the plank, making sure to stay in between the lines. Another option is to use an actual plank of wood laid on top of a blue tarp. Reward the brave ones with a bag o' chocolate dubloons.

Learn Pirate with Mango Languages

Teach your patrons how to speak in perfect Pirate. While your patrons perfect their Pirate pronunciation, they will simultaneously navigate Mango Languages' conversation-based methodology, convenient mobile apps, and user-friendly interface.

Delving into Pirate language and culture might just spark in them a desire to keep exploring, reminding them just how much they love learning new languages — especially when it’s this easy and entertaining.

Librarians celebrating Pirate Day and using Mango Languages.

Download pirate swag

Download our free Pirate Day promotional materials for fun that is finer still. Print the pirate name generator to help your patrons embrace their inner pirate. Here's a sneak preview of our freshly designed Pirate Day 2018 swag — exclusively available to our partner organizations. Arrrgghhh! 

Mango Languages' Pirate Day 2018 swag preview.

Want to learn more about Mango's unique language courses? Drop us a line, and a member of our team will get in touch with you ASAP. Steer clear of Davy Jones's Locker, and share in the fun of language learning with your library community. 

Fancy you’re ready? Well then, batten down the hatches and weigh anchor to embark on a language-learning adventure! 

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How are you celebrating Talk Like a Pirate Day this year?

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Lydia Koehn
Written by Lydia Koehn

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