How Can You Use Technology to Bring Confidence to Your Classrooms?

May 14, 2018 / by Mallory Lapanowski

Mango Languages podcast.Is world language education still important in American schools? Join the discussion on tech resources and language learning in the classroom with Mango Languages linguist and Dr. Rob Furman.


The Use of Technology in Foreign Language Instruction in Schools

Listen to the interview (approx. 40 mins) for more on how the best resources and the right technology buy time in the classroom — for students and instructors.

Dr. Rob Furman (‘Dr. Rob’), host of The Council on the Future of Education sat down with Mango Languages Linguist and Content Development Manager, Anja Green, to discuss why language education is not only relevant, but how technology can be used to overcome challenges educators face keeping their students engaged and confident applying their language skills outside the classroom.


Listen to the full discussion for key takeaways on: 

  • what to look for in an effective e-learning resource.
  • empowering learners in and out of the classroom.
  • how you can help students overcome speaking anxiety.

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Anja Green, Content Development Manager at Mango Languages, graduated with an M.A. in Applied Linguistics/Translation from Leipzig University in Germany. With 14 years under her belt as a linguist expert, the last nine have been spent with Mango Languages, where she leads teams of linguists and subject matter experts in the creation of learning content, development of new tools and features, and administration of new and innovative language instruction modules.

Dr. Rob Furman — “Dr. Rob” — is an elementary principal, best selling author, national keynote speaker, and Huffington Post Education blogger. He’s also on the 20 to Watch Honoree list. To learn more, visit or check out his podcast channel, The Council on the Future of Education.

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Mallory Lapanowski

Written by Mallory Lapanowski

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