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Five Global Refugee Programs You Can Support Today

World Refugee Day June 20th.Perhaps now more than ever, June 20th is an opportunity to acknowledge and show support for millions of refugees who are forced to leave their homes in search of a better life.

In honor of World Refugee Day, we chose to salute the following five programs for their work in improving the living conditions and policies affecting refugees around the globe. Grow a greater understanding of other cultures as you stand #WithRefugees today.

1. International Rescue Committee (IRC)

One of the world’s foremost organizations providing humanitarian crisis relief, IRC grounds its approach in fact-based research to inform their support strategies. Last year, IRC provided cash and asset transfers to 179,491 refugee households. You can find out more about their impact in their 2017 Annual Report, or get involved by donating or volunteering through a local IRC office.

2. Women’s Refugee Commission (WRC)

We love WRC because of its unique focus on protecting a particularly vulnerable refugee population: women and children who are fleeing violence and persecution. Learn more about how you can help.

3. Refugees International

One of the few organizations that doesn't accept government or UN funding, Refugees International has a special flagship program that focuses specifically on forced displacement due to extreme weather and climate change. Check out one of their upcoming events to get involved.

4. Oxfam International

A leader in fighting global poverty, Oxfam International is currently engaging with Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh to assess their needs and advocate for smarter policy solutions to the refugee crisis. With the aim to provide life-saving aid to 200,000 people in the region — every helping hand counts.

5. Global Refugee Sponsorship Initiative (GRSI)

GRSI provides training, community building, and advisory services to individuals and organizations who wish to sponsor refugees. What better way to spread the word about the refugee crisis than promoting direct citizen engagement?

Do you stand #WithRefugees? Get involved with one of the organizations above through financial support or by raising awareness among your friends and family. Pledge your support here with the #WithRefugees petition. 

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What do you do to support World Refugee Day? Let us know in the comments below!

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Britta Wilhelmsen

Britta is a University of Michigan graduate, currently living and working in the vibrant city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. When she's not busy teaching English to business professionals or writing for Mango, you can find her enjoying the sun in one of Buenos Aires' beautiful parks and/or studying Spanish in her free time. Like many mangos, she believes that language consistently makes life more colorful.

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