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Boosting Usage Campus-Wide: Four Secrets to Success.

Campus librarians, break out the binoculars: It’s time to tackle campus visibility. Here at Mango, we’re known to be our own greatest hype man, and we can’t wait to up the language-learning ante on your campus. When programs and departments across campus come together and collaborate to promote Mango, magic happens. Our goal is to harness that collaboration to generate buzz, increase usage, and make Mango your campus’ online Cool Kids Club.

When you look closely at campus demographics, there are potential Mango users at every turn. Across North America, higher-ed students, faculty, and alumni are consistently some of our most loyal, enthusiastic, and accomplished users. Seriously — if language learning were a competition, higher ed would be running laps around the rest of us. But in the busy world of campus life, Mango is often overlooked. Consistently, campus communities are unaware that Mango is available (for free!) on their campus.

If they don’t know about Mango, then they can’t use it — and in our book, that’s a tragedy. While we’re big fans of Shakespeare, we’ll leave the tragedies to him. We’re in the business of happy endings, and your campus is our next Cinderella story. Get ready to sound the alarms and have all eyes on Mango — here’s your foolproof guide to increasing usage by reaching your campus community.


1. Give out free stuff.

If there’s one thing college students love, it’s free stuff. When you use Mango Market, you can order Mango swag for your students and it’s absolutely free for you. Stock up on Mango mugs, pens, ear buds, water bottles, t-shirts, and more and pass them out to language learning communities on campus — think language labs, international centers, and foreign-language classrooms. All of our swag is bright, fun, and totally lovable, just like our products. Before you know it, your campus will be shining bright like a Mango.

Beyond the swag, you can leverage the full power of Mango Market and order customizable materials to promote Mango in unique ways on campus. By now, you know that Mango Market is a great tool for increasing website visibility with web ads, banners, and logos, but we also offer customizable flyers, bookmarks, shelf talkers, posters, table tents, and wallpaper. Work with your campus's language-centric departments and programs to display these materials high and low across campus to let students know what Mango is and how it works. Access Mango Market through your admin portal, customize your materials, and we’ll ship them to you absolutely free.

2. Identify campus language learners.

According to the Institute of International Education, the number of international students studying at U.S. colleges and universities is at a record high of 819,644, having increased by 7 percent in 2013. Likewise, the number of U.S. students studying abroad in 2013 hit a record-breaking 283,000, an increase of 3 percent. With numbers like that, the need for resources that support global diversity on campus are in high demand.

Mango compliments all types of culture and diversity initiatives across campus, whether for the classroom, international students, study-abroad programs, language labs, and recreational-language enthusiasts. Introduce campus language learners to Mango by establishing a presence on social media, at popular language and cultural activities, and high traffic campus events.

welcome booth Students and faculty promote Mango at Welcome Week.

Start the year off strong by setting up a Mango booth at Welcome Week, complete with free swag, exciting cultural activities (piñata, anyone?), and laptops or iPads for students to try out Mango. Everybody likes free food (especially students!), so deck your booth out with fun cultural snacks like chips and salsa, macaroons, and Chinese candy.

Throughout the year, connect with key groups and departments on campus and set up camp at language club mass meetings, language and culture-focused department orientations, study abroad groups, and diversity events throughout the year. At these events, you’ll meet students who are passionate about language and culture, planning trips across the globe, or in need of language learning supports outside of class. Don’t be surprised if you get more than a few impromptu hugs when you tell them about Mango.

We suggest having this video on hand whenever you’re explaining Mango to newbies — our adorable little Manguitos do an excellent job explaining exactly what Mango is and how it works, all while doing the Flamenco. Have this fun, informative clip loaded and ready to go when you’re getting your Mango on at campus events or when you’re promoting Mango on social media.


3. Get savvy on social media.

We love social media, and we bet your students do, too. Take a page out of our playbook and blast your students with opportunities to learn about how Mango can enrich their lives with language and culture. When you’re posting about a cultural, international, or diversity event happening on campus, remind students that Mango can help make the event even more fun and authentic. Hosting a panel on Latin American Studies? Students can learn Spanish and try out their skills during the Q&A. Having a movie night at the library? Let those film buffs know that they could be learning a second language while watching movies with Mango Premiere (we even have a Kung Fu movie!).

If you’re looking for new ideas for fun library events, get inspiration from our specialty courses. We have an Irish St. Patrick’s Day course, Spanish Flamenco, French Wine and Cheese, Mandarin Zodiac, and even Arabic Etiquette. Use these specialty courses to plan events that celebrate world cultures and dive into unique interests, all while introducing students to Mango. We know that campus librarians are some of the busiest people on campus, so we do all we can to lighten your load. Rest those tired typing fingers and turn to our ready-to-share social media posts, blogs, and email blasts for an easy, effective way to get the word out about Mango. Our Marketing team loves to share, especially with librarians. Check out Mango Market’s PR materials for even more social media samples and get those language-lovers clicking through to Mango.


4. Capture your audience.

Here at Mango, we capture our audience so that we can capture their hearts. We’re not shy about our love for higher ed, and we’d shout it from the rooftops if we could. Instead, we’ve learned that it’s much more effective to shout it from above a water fountain, inside of a bathroom stall, and on campus elevators. The idea of capturing an audience is to share a message with them in a space where they’re guaranteed to receive it. This strategy is your opportunity to fully embrace Mango Market and download flyers, table tents, and shelf talkers to your heart’s content. Spread the good word about Mango in study spaces, meeting rooms, tabletops, residence halls, and student centers, and anywhere else that students gather. Collaborate with RAs and provide them with our signature brightly-colored flyers to liven up a residential hall bulletin board, or work with living-learning communities for International students and language majors to promote Mango in their dorm buildings.

After you’ve Mango-fied those popular student spaces, make sure you’ve got your own domain covered. Campus libraries are where some of the most passionate language learners spend their time, so be sure to add a shelf talker in relevant sections to capture the attention of students who already have an interest in language and culture. If a student is at the library looking for print resources on Hispanic culture, or seeking out information on international business, that’s the perfect time for them to learn about Mango. Strategically place shelf talkers in areas and watch the language-learning sparks fly (and your usage soar!).

With these simple and — dare we say it — fun strategies for making Mango known campus-wide, you can easily double, triple, and even quadruple your campus usage. Just ask our academic team — they’re the engineers behind these ideas, and they hold a record 100% success rate in helping clients reach their campus community and increase usage. Want to talk with our academic team one-on-one to create a customized campus visibility plan for your school? Get in touch with Miss Mango herself, AKA Andrea Salinas, (and be sure to ask her how she got the nickname!) at, or academia’s own awesome Katie Tilly, at, and we’ll put together a plan specifically designed for your needs. We love showering you with extra attention.


Now that we’ve told you all of our best campus visibility secrets, we’re passing the torch. Take that Mango magic and sprinkle it all over campus, and be sure to take pictures along the way. We can’t wait to see how you use these strategies to increase usage on your campus. Share your success stories with us in the comments below, and find us on Facebook to share snapshots of Mango on your campus!

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Jillian Rodriguez

Jillian is a writer and editor out of Detroit, Michigan. She loves connecting people through new ideas, interesting stories, and good conversation. In her free time, Jillian loves to read, write, and listen to podcasts - in Spanish and in English!

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