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TAMIU's Guide to Mango's Successful Launch

They say you shouldn’t mess with Texas, but we’ve always had a rebellious streak. When it comes to Academic libraries, we just can’t seem to stay away. Mango Languages and Higher Ed have proven to go together as well as chocolate and peanut butter, macaroni and cheese, and even, dare we say, Batman and Robin. Across North America, more and more campuses are choosing Mango to support global diversity and promote language-learning among their students, faculty, and even alumni. With free, fully-integrated mobile apps, conversation-based methodology, language-learning through films, and more,  Mango is perfectly suited to support the highly-motivated, on-the-go, diverse learners on today’s modern campus. That’s why we’re thrilled to see Texas A&M International University’s (TAMIU) recent press release documenting the successful launch of Mango Languages on their campus. Curious what inspired TAMIU to bring Mango to their campus library, and their best practices for promoting it to students and faculty? Let’s dig in.


Provides great value, great methodology, great fun.

Rodney Webb, TAMIU’s reference/government documents librarian at Killam Library, explains why they chose Mango:  “We were looking for a program that was based on sound foreign language learning methodology, but that was as fun and engaging for learners as possible.  Our selection criteria included cost and value, coverage of languages taught at TAMIU or of interest to our University community, robust user support, convenience of tracking individual learning activity and a system for faculty to monitor student progress in cases where the learner is enrolled in a University course.”

Check, check, and check. We work to create flexible, strategic language-learning resources that reflect the needs and interests of today’s Higher Ed campuses. TAMIU found that students enjoyed engaging and learning with Mango, and faculty could easily integrate and track student learning into their coursework. And as the homebase for these valuable campus-wide resources, academic libraries support students by offering them the very best.


Perfectly complements a globally-minded campus.

A university with an “international mission and scope,” it’s no surprise that TAMIU is affording its students exceptional opportunities to advance their language-learning on campus. For schools with a focus on cultural and diversity initiatives, accessible and comprehensive resources like Mango are crucial. An asset to international students, foreign language professors, and students studying abroad, TAMIU saw an immediate response from their international students when the program first launched in July.

“Summer use began primarily with English as a Second Language (ESL) students at our International Language Institute. Usage over the past month included 334 sessions with an average session of 21 minutes, yielding a total of approximately 6, 914 minutes or 115 hours of use,” Webb observed.

Upon the start of the fall semester, the campus has seen increased and continued growth.

“French and Spanish courses have taken off, and we anticipate more usage as more professors sign up their classes and more individuals discover Mango.  We recently spoke with our Portuguese professor who is bringing his classes online.  We have also begun to promote Mango to University College leadership and within our Study Abroad program,” Webb added. When Mango is introduced to a campus community, it not only fills existing needs, it creates new opportunities to “provide global competencies and perspective" to your students.


Positions your campus library on the cutting edge.

TAMIU’s Killam Library is a great example of how an academic library can serve as a campus game-changer, setting the standards of innovation in the field. TAMIU sees the campus library as far more than just a glorified study hall and research hub - it’s a key player in determining the campus climate and promoting the school's mission statement. This is especially true when helping students become global leaders with an informed perspective. According to their press release, Killam Library’s Mango subscription keeps with the “national trend for foreign language program services to expand from classrooms to library-based subscriptions.”

When academic libraries stock up on accessible and relevant digital learning resources for their students, they position themselves as a cutting-edge, influential institution both on campus and in the industry at large. Along with their Mango subscription, Killam Library boasts an arsenal of digital resources that promote personalized learning and growth for students. And according to Webb, those resources are important: “It’s highly relevant to our mission and programs and is closely tied to some of our most popular programs including TAMIU Reading the Globe, Study Abroad, ESL, Film Classes or Film Interests and, of course, Foreign Language Classes."


Interested in bringing Mango to your campus? Already signed up for Mango and looking for new ideas to promote it on campus? Join us for a free webinar October 29th, where we will discuss implementation, best practices, and how Mango works with Academic libraries to achieve (super!) successful results. Spots are limited, so sign up today below. See you there!

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