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Behind the design: Somali and Hmong Manguitos.

By Mango Languages |   February 2, 2017

We’re excited to provide a behind-the-scenes look into what exactly goes into the illustrations and designs that you see in our course imagery. Read on to hear directly from one of our designers about how he chose the style and colors for our two newest Manguitos: Somali and Hmong.

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A few reasons Brazilians are so proud of their Olympic city — Rio de Janeiro.

By Mango Languages |   August 13, 2016

Whether you simply can't contain your excitement about the Olympics or have always dreamed of learning to dance samba while sipping caipirinhas on Copacabana beach, here are some Rio basics to help you soak up this Brazilian city's unique spirit.

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An exclusive sneak peek at our new iPad app coming soon!

By Mango Languages |   December 9, 2014

We're gearing up to reveal our brand new, beautiful mobile apps (available on iPhone, Android phone, Android tablet, and iPad). Take an early look at the stunning new interface our dedicated designers and playful programmers prepared with you in mind.

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Our speciality course process: You choose the next one!

By Mango Languages |   December 9, 2014

We recently launched 17 (yes, 17!) new specialty courses, and we've got plenty more up our sleeves. Our linguists are here to share the creative process, and empower you to help choose the next specialty course they create. Take a look and voice your opinion!

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Take a bite of... gołąbki

By Mango Languages |   December 9, 2014

Did you know “gołąbki” mean “little pigeons” in Polish? Unique name for a dish, but I bet you have seen it before. Variations of this traditional Polish stuffed cabbage dish are common throughout Europe and the Middle East. In fact, over 35 countries make this dish, and now you can try a vegetarian version of gołąbki, too, with our recipe below!

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Say hello to Iraqi Arabic.

By Mango Languages |   October 16, 2014

Learn Iraqi Arabic, now available from Mango Languages. Iraq is a country of extremely rich multiculturalism and history -- and unsurprisingly, the language that is primarily spoken there today is just as delightfully rich linguistically. 

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You're Invited: Mango Homeschool Twitter Party

By Mango Languages |   August 25, 2014

Homeschool families, we love you. Ever since we tapped into the wonderful world of homeschooling, we can’t stay away. You’re enthusiastic, devoted, and innovative – and those are three of our favorite things.

We want to hang out more, and this Tuesday, we’re throwing a big bash in your honor. The Homeschool interwebs are all abuzz about our Twitter party, and we’re so psyched. Consider the virtual room decked out with orange and green crepe paper and Mango-shaped balloons – and trust us, the party favors will be legendary (spoiler alert: we’re giving out three totally free one-year Mango® subscriptions!).

If you haven’t already, mark your calendars; because your Tuesday evening is booked. Pour a glass a wine, bake a cake, make a Mango smoothie – whip up the indulgence of your choice and join us for a family-friendly event focused around homeschooling, language learning, and you.

Hosted by the iHomeschool Network on behalf of Mango Languages (hey, that’s us!), the event begins at 8 p.m. EST, so hop on Twitter and follow @Mangolanguages and @iHomeschoolnet to join the hour-long conversation – it’ll be fun, interactive, and full of free, fabulous Mango prizes. We’re celebrating learning, language, and culture, and you’re the guest of honor.

We’ll be answering all of your burning questions on how to build real-world language skills, boost cultural confidence, and instill a lifelong love of languages in your children. With over 60 languages to choose from, language learning can be the adventure of a lifetime, and we want to show you just how much Mango can do for your family. This Twitter party is all about swapping ideas and gathering your feedback; plus we'll be awarding free Mango swag to the coolest language-learners on the planet: our homeschool families (shh – don’t tell!).

There ain’t no party like a homeschool party, because a homeschool party don’t stop. We’re a dedicated and passionate group who wants to change the world by enriching lives with language and culture, and we can’t wait to hear from you. Mango is fun, effective, and 100% kid-friendly – so don’t be surprised if your little ones demand an invitation to the party.

Bring them along to share their thoughts and ideas and introduce them to the big, bright world of language learning with Mango. Tweet us your language-learning hopes, dreams, and aspirations – and be sure to trademark all of your correspondence with the hashtag #ihsnet so that we’re all speaking the same language. Homeschool friends, we’ll see you on Twitter this Tuesday!

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Five language and learning myths, debunked.

By Mango Languages |   August 7, 2014

Language lovers are a unique bunch. They seek out new cultures, embark on wild adventures, and willingly study grammar concepts – all because they see the globe as one great big learning opportunity. It’s a good life, and we’ve found that most people become language lovers the moment that they start studying a new language. But in our line of work, we hear some pretty wild language and culture myths from would-be language rock stars. It’s time to put a stop to it.

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Happy 147th Birthday, Canada!

By Mango Languages |   July 1, 2014

Our neighbors up north are celebrating Canada’s 147th birthday, and we’re breaking out our red and white face paint and maple leaf attire to salute the True North strong and free. Oh Canada, you've given America (and the world!) some of the finest talents, people, and pastimes around, and we’re honoured (let’s never face-off in a spelling bee, Canada) to celebrate our shared independence with you this week. You kick off the celebrations, and we’ll provide the grand finale. Sharing a continent with you is the best, and this Canada Day we want to tip our hat to some of the finest, quirkiest Canadian contributions that we’re grateful to have here in the States. Happy Birthday, Canada – this one’s for you.

1. Ice Hockey.

As Canada’s official winter sport, hockey is profoundly Canadian. British soldiers and immigrants brought the traditional stick-and-ball game to Canada in the early 1800's, but they played it in the snowy, icy conditions typical to a Canadian winter. We can thank Montreal for birthing the modern archetype of ice hockey in 1875, followed by the 1924 expansion of the NHL into the United States, starting with the Boston Bruins. Today, there are 30 teams in the NHL, with players hailing from around the world. So next hockey season, when you’re jumping on the band wagon for your local team (Happy first day of free agency, hardcore NHL fans!), thank Canada for steer-heading one of the most brutal, fast-paced, and addictive games in North America.

2. Actors and Musicians.

Canada, you've got talent. Some of North America’s most famed celebrities are from Canada, and they are quick to rep their country on talk shows, press junkets, and even in their slight accent. We’re here to thank you for the likes of Seth Rogen, Ellen Page, Jim Carrey, Pamela Anderson, The Rock, Michael Cera…the list goes on. Despite the recent Justin Bieber backlash, we were all singing “Baby, Baby, Ohhh…” just a few years ago, and we’re willing to negotiate his joint custody during this difficult time. Canada’s home to some of the world’s most prolific and legendary talents, and we’re forever in your debt for gifting us Feminist Ryan Gosling. Seriously, thank you.

3. Sweet escape.

Sometimes you just need to get away from it all. Have passport, will travel – and we’re always grateful for a sweet escape up north. For Michiganders (Mango HQ calls Michigan home), Canada is just a short trip away – and for the rest of the country, it’s worth the trek. Canada truly has it all: big cities, serene natural landscapes, French culture, and rustic campsites. Many a young American remembers trekking across the border (pre-passport regulations!) for glorious under-21 drinking escapades, but even more fondly, we look to Canada for an opportunity to explore new culture, unique traditions, and the best poutine in the entire world.

4. Dogs.

Here at Mango, we love dogs. It’s come to our attention that some of our most beloved breeds originated in Canada, and we couldn't be more grateful. For example: you gave us the Labrador retriever. More affectionately known as a “lab,” these dogs are not only man’s best friend, they are world-renowned service dogs, providing therapy and assistance to people with sight disabilities, autism, and other physical and emotional challenges. They’re not just sweet, playful, Youtube stars, they are heroes – and Canadian, through and through.

5. Exceptional Mangos.

Here’s the real kicker: some of our favorite Mangos are Canadian. Both in office (Hi, Julian!) and in our customer and client database, lovable, inspiring Canadians make up a crucial part of our Mango world. They are quick to navigate us to the nearest Tim Horton’s (Timbits, anyone?), first to hold the door open for others, and we look to them daily for language-learning motivation. Canada’s two official national languages are English and French (swoon!), but the country is home to over 200 global languages. Powerhouse institutions like the Quebec Bibliotheque Archive, Westmount Public Library, Winnipeg Public Library, University of Ottawa, and Alberta Library (to name just a few) work every day to serve the public with language-learning opportunities (including Mango!), community building, and Canadian culture gems in the form of influential literature, history, and entertainment.

O! Canada, we salute you. Neighbors to the north, border-buddies, and one of the coolest (sometimes literally!) countries around, we wish you a very Happy Canada Day.

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5 Ways to Master Outdoor Learning this Summer

By Mango Languages |   June 16, 2014

Photo by: Alison Christine
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