Aya Dhibette

Aya arrived at Mango Languages from Morocco, but no, she still hasn’t seen Casablanca. Aya loves traveling, animals, good food, good books, and good company. A perfect day would include all of those things at the same time, preferably with chilly, rainy weather, a warm drink, and some nice mellow music in the background. She speaks Arabic, French, Spanish, and is learning Turkish.

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After Sunset: Popular Ramadan Foods Across the Arab World

By Aya Dhibette |   May 15, 2018

Find out how nearly a quarter of the world observes the month of Ramadan and what you can expect to eat if invited to join an iftar meal.

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March Book Club: Top Five Arabic Books You Can Read in English

By Aya Dhibette |   March 8, 2018

Whether you’re preparing for a trip, wanting to read a book in the language that you’re studying, looking to explore a new culture, or searching for the next great book to read, you'll love my list of five must-read books by Arab authors.

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How to Speak French by Accident

By Aya Dhibette |   December 5, 2017

Rumor has it that Americans are more bilingual than they think. In fact, this might not be so hard to believe once you hear that roughly one-third of all English words are of French origin! Who would have thought that the words 'nice,' 'very,' or 'stuff' came from French?

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Learn an endangered language for International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples.

By Aya Dhibette |   August 8, 2017

Not everyone knows, but August 9th marks a day close to our hearts: the United Nations’ International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples. By declaring this day over 20 years ago, the UN sought to recognize the achievements and contributions of Indigenous people in improving world issues as well as promoting and protecting the rights of the world’s Indigenous population. Not sure how to help? We’ve got a way for you to get started.

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Why should your company integrate language learning into its corporate culture?

By Aya Dhibette |   June 27, 2017

Experts at the U.S. Committee on Economic Development estimate that American companies lose over $2 billion every year due to language or cultural misunderstandings. Despite the statistics, being multilingual in the U.S. is still not very common. Wherever your company is located, your employees will probably be using English in their daily business interactions—it is considered the the global language of business, after all.

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How to Make the Best Hummus Ever

By Aya Dhibette |   May 19, 2017

Here at Mango Languages, we never pass on the opportunity to embrace special days that remind us that we all love the same things: family, friends, and food! It only made sense that we would celebrate our love for hummus on International Hummus Day! (Let’s be honest, we all know this is only an excuse. Every day is a good day to make hummus.)

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