Anja Green

Anja is the Content Development Manager at Mango Languages, with an M.A. in Applied Linguistics/Translation from Leipzig University in Germany. With 14 years under her belt as a linguist expert, the last nine have been spent with Mango Languages, where she leads teams of linguists and subject matter experts in the creation of learning content, development of new tools and features, and administration of new and innovative language instruction modules.

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What Is C.A.L.L.: How Educators Are Using Technology in World Language Education

By Anja Green |   September 13, 2018

Find out how C.A.L.L. has opened up new avenues of learning languages that blend the boundaries between in-classroom and at-home learning.

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10 Essential Features to Look for in Language-Learning Software

By Anja Green |   July 17, 2018

With an abundance of language-learning methods on the market, it can be hard to know what works — and what doesn’t. Here are the essential features to consider when choosing language-learning software — for yourself, your family, or even your organization.

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