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5 special Mango features for Higher Ed that you’ll love.

A college library.

If you’ve heard of Mango Languages, you already know that we’re committed to one core purpose: enriching lives with language and culture. That’s why we’ve worked so hard to develop a language and culture-learning program that students, staff, and faculty at colleges and universities will love. Mango for Higher Ed is designed to deliver flexible, interactive, and measurable language-learning solutions for your campus.

Create your very own virtual classroom for student groups on campus and track their progress every step of the way. With 24/7 mobile apps, language learning through films, and linguist-developed courses and assessments, it’s easier than ever to boost language learning on your campus and promote global citizenship.

We’ve worked hard to create a successful language and culture learning program for higher ed, and we’re proud to share what all the fuss is about. Wondering what makes Mango for Higher Ed so special? It all starts with these five features designed to make language learning soar on your campus.


Notebooks and computers.

1. Comprehensive assessments.

We know how important it is for students to be able to track their learning and measure their progress as they go - it boosts engagement and motivation and keeps their language-learning path efficient and effective. Likewise, staff and faculty need to be able to measure student usage and progress across languages, courses, and tools. That’s why we developed our comprehensive assessment feature for Higher Ed.

With this feature, students are empowered to embark on a personalized language-learning journey that responds to their specific needs. Across all units, this tool will track their improvements, identify areas of need, and log their study time. Through placement tests, chapter quizzes, pre-tests, and post-tests, students will be able to map their own learning journey through these meaningful checkpoints. For staff and professors, this tool can be pretty powerful: view, download, or print student gradebooks, identify and respond to areas of interest or pain points in real-time, and keep tabs on student progress every step of the way. Now that’s an assessment we can all get behind.


Two students working on a computer.

2. Classroom management tools. 

Whether you’re managing a group of students preparing to study abroad or working with English language learners new to campus, our group management tools are built specifically to help teachers manage their classes. When a faculty member or professor is added to your campus’s Mango account as an instructor, they’re given access to a world of unique features. Most importantly, instructors can create unique groups for student learning, inviting them to a virtual space for accountability, goal setting, and sharing progress. Add and invite students to a new group and you’ll access each member’s automatically-graded assessment results and track their progress and improvements, creating an always-on virtual classroom for you and your students.

For campuses looking to boost student engagement with language and culture learning, innovative features like classroom management bring students and staff together to collaborate in new, more effective ways. Wondering exactly how it works? Check out this video that shows exactly how Mango’s classroom tool keeps language learning organized and efficient on your campus.


A computer screen showing statistics.

3. Advanced stats.

Numbers matter - and with Mango for Higher Ed, registered instructors will receive access to advanced statistics on student engagement broken down by language, unit, and tool (think Mango Premiere, Mango Conversations, Mango mobile apps). Why is this so important? Because it allows professors and faculty to understand how students are using Mango to advance their language-learning goals, and how the campus can effectively promote and support students. Beyond an individual student’s assessment results, Mango’s advanced stats are designed to give professors the information they need to meet students where they are.

For example, let’s say you have a group of students learning with Mango who are native Mandarin speakers learning English. You’ve introduced them to Mango by inviting them to join a virtual classroom reserved just for them, and you’ve encouraged them to find their unique starting point through one of our placement tests. As an instructor, our advanced statistics reporting will equip you with the usage data and engagement insights you need to best support your students and make the most of your Mango subscription.


4. Staff training tools.

Around the globe, campuses are using Mango to support a multitude of exciting initiatives. Law students love our Legal Spanish, Mandarin-speaking students keep their business game strong with our Business English course, and medical students are studying up with our Medical Spanish.

Likewise, campus instructors using Mango come from all walks of life and professional experiences. Mango is capable of making a big impact on campuses by boosting language learning and cultivating global citizens. That’s why we’re committed to providing your staff with the training tools they need to make the most of your Mango subscription. We’ve created user-friendly training videos, providing campus staff and faculty with how-to tutorials on key classroom features, from how to add instructors to creating student groups.  We have training materials for instructors supporting students in person and those creating virtual classrooms with students from around the world. And don’t forget about your campus’s dedicated account representative - they’ll be by your side from set up to launch, and beyond. However you’re using Mango to reach your campus language-learning goals, we’ve got you covered.


Mango Market.

5. Mango Market.

The secret ingredient to the special sauce that is language-learning success on campus? Mango Market. Our complimentary online hub for promotional materials is your one-stop shop for spreading the word about Mango to students and faculty alike. Fully stocked with eye-catching swag, informative table tents, and downloadable online banners, Mango Market is here to make your job easier and get the word out about Mango. New to Mango Market? Check out our training video on how to make the most of Mango Market.

Does your campus strive to produce global citizens? Is language learning and cultural competency a priority on your campus? Sounds like Mango might be the perfect fit for your institution. Get in touch today and let’s chat about why Mango is a smart choice for your campus.

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