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Eat Your Way Around the World

As you learn a different language, it can also be a great time to learn about the cuisine of that language’s country or culture.

In the book, Hungry Planet, Photographer Peter Menzel profiles 30 familes around the world and offers descriptions of that family’s weekly food purchases. It is a small, but very interesting,  insight into how and what families in different countries eat.

After looking through some of these pictures, it made me want to learn how to make some meals from around the world! Check out this food around the world website to get some ideas and learn a little more about different cuisines.

Here is a Turkish dish I tried on my own called, “Hünkar Beğendi” or as some like to refer to it, “Sultan’s Delight”.  There a couple of different stories as to why the name of “Sultan’s Delight” was given to the dish. Maybe you’ll have your own theory after you try it!







Do you have any favorite dishes that you’ve tried? Or what are some popular dishes in your native cuisine? Happy cooking, but most importantly, happy eating!



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