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And the winners are…

We asked what Journeys you would take with more advanced language learning content from Mango Languages. The results are in and the following Mango fans are each receiving a  free Mango Passport Journeys One, Two and Three bundle! Congratulations and happy learning to everyone who submitted a response!

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Tony from Redondo Beach said:

I have completed your free trial for Brazilian Portugueses over 38 times. Over the last 17 years, I have trained in the Martial Art of Brazilian Jiu jitsu, have met so many people who are Brazilian.  I am traveling Brazil in August and it has been time to finally learn the language.

With Mango, I am excited and your program is fun and keeps my attention with the interaction on screen.  

With the Brazilian Portuguese bundle it will open more doors for my in Brazil this summer and help with social projects I am doing the children such as “Kites for Kids!”

 Jason said: 

I have nearly the same situation as Shawn Howe… I met and am engaged to a Brazilian who was already living in the US. She is tri-lingual (Portugese, English and Spanish) and I was completely blown away at how she picks up on language, culture, sarcasm, etc.

She also learns a new English word every day from me. Today’s word was Hiatus, for example. She taught me and my kids basic Portugese phrases, but I had a thirst for more, so I picked up Mango from the military and learned enough to have basic conversations when I meet her family in Brazil next year.

I’m doing everything I can to learn the language because our wedding is next year in Brazil and I want to be able to do my vows in both English and Portugese. I’ve considered post-military to possibly working an embassay job there. I love the Unites States and want to continue serving our great country, but I would love the opportunity to live there for some time as well. Please send me the Passport so I can futher my understanding and impress her friends and family!

Geraldine said: 

After my husband died in 2000, I started to travel with two ladies who grew-up in Puerto Rico, and are fluent in both English and Spanish. 

I wanted to learn Spanish and surprise my Puerto Rico friends with my accomplishment, so I began taking lessons from a college student. Unfortunately, I was having a terrible time trying to learn a new language in my late sixties.

Recently I discovered Mango Languages when it was offered through my local library. I was thrilled with the teaching method used by Mango Languages, and I was learning Spanish at age 70!

We are so thrilled and honored to have amazing fans like all of you. Your stories have touched us. Enjoy your courses and stay in touch. We all want to hear how your journeys unfold!

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    • That’s sweet, congrats to the three winners. What i like Mango is that it uses real-life situations and conversations to teach a new language.

    • Hi Rachel,

      I am super surprised that I won the contest! However, I purchased all the Brazilian Portuguese journey 1-3 after I wrote on your website for the full amount. At this time, I am on Chapter 7 of the first journey! Every day I continue to let me friends know about the benefits of Mango verses the other programs.

      Also, I purchased my ticket to Brazil this August!

      Maybe I can get my courses prorated or a refund. If not, please pick a different winner!

      Thank you very much!


      “little” Tony Pacenski

      M.A. Ed.


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