What's love got to do with it?

February 14, 2015 / by Mallory Lapanowski

We've answered the question that addressed where on Earth Romance languages evolved (see previous blog post), but why on earth are these languages related to the definition of "romance" that we associate with love?

It is with this mission in our hears that we set out to pan the interwebs for any nuggets of linguist theory gold to shine, polish, and present as our Valentine's Day gift to you.

But, it's complicated.

Even the smallest morsels of theory we dug up made our resident linguists wince. Why? Because the answer is much more complex than a play on words, irresistible accents, or expressive Romantic vowel sounds.

So it goes, friends: Systems of communication develop collectively and through preference of those communities, countries, and regions that develop them; we are all language patriots of our native tongue. We communicate in the way we love the most; expressing "romance" is a subjective affair of the heart in which respective tradition and culture plays the part of Cyrano.

Whew. So, what’s love really got to do with it? Everything. In short, we love you and we love that you love us and we love that we all have the same thing in common: A love of language, culture, and embracing the beauty in the differences and similarities throughout.

A rose called by any other name certainly smells as sweet. From the Love Locks of Paris to the Mendhi of India, we’re inspired by it all.

In the spirit of romance, Romance, and our mutual head-over-heels love affair with all things language and culture, it’s your turn to make us blush!

Why do you think Romance languages are so "romantic"? What are some of your favorite cultural traditions in expressing romance around the world?

Mallory Lapanowski

Written by Mallory Lapanowski

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