What to expect at this year's Polyglot Gathering.

April 29, 2016 / by Melanie Moore


There are conferences and gatherings for a plethora of communities popping up everywhere these days. From anime to zoo-keeping you can find a community and a cause for any of your interests. Check out a few of the events and talks that we're excited to see at this year's Polyglot Gathering.

One of Mango Languages’ interests is of course, languages. What better way to get in touch with the language-learning community than to attend a conference designated for super-language learners (a.k.a polyglots)? Now, we know that there is some general agreement about what truly makes someone a polyglot. We’ve actually interviewed several polyglots about what they believe is the definition. One of the prevailing definitions is that a polyglot is someone who knows three or four languages. Some even suggest that the definition of polyglot is changing: it could describe someone who simply has an interest in languages.

This latest polyglot event, called the Polyglot Gathering, will be held in Berlin, Germany next week. Here are only a handful of the talks and events that you can expect:

  • An International Culinary Festival where attendees can share the various foods from their countries and cultures.
  • Kris Broholm, a polyglot blogger, will be talking about what he’s learned from interviewing over 100 polyglots.
  • One of our very own Mangos, Lilia Mouma, will be giving attendees a “big fat” intro to her native Greek language.
  • A multilingual concert performed in 25 languages.
  • Ellen Jovin, one of the organizers of the Polyglot Conference will be giving a talk on the future of polyglottery.
  • The “Aligatorejo” room where polyglots can speak any languages to one another except English or their mother tongue(s).
  • Fiel Sahir will be giving a presentation on what language learners can draw from a classical musician’s techniques, dedication, practice, and passion and how to put these musical practices to work for the language learner.
  • Benny Lewis will be unveiling a top-secret project he has been intensely working on these past few months — we can’t wait to see what he’s cooked up for us!
  • An International Culture Evening where attendees can perform a song, dance, etc. from their culture or the culture that they are studying.
  • Alex Rawlings will discuss wanting to learn a language versus needing to learn a language and that affects the language-learning process.
  • The creator of the travel web comic Itchy Feet will give a talk about how the art of cartooning and using simple stick figures to share a story can be transferred to the language-learning community, by striving for communication that is accessible for everyone.
  • Michael Levi Harris, an actor and star in the award-winning short, the Hyperglot, will give a talk on how language learners can take a cue from actors in terms of learning and speaking another language.

We’re looking forward to gaining knowledge, insight, and have a fun time along with our fellow language learners.

Stay tuned for our post in two weeks for a recap of what went down at the Berlin Gathering 2016.

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Melanie Moore

Written by Melanie Moore

Melanie speaks German, Lithuanian, and Japanese and has dabbled in several others. She is an aspiring polyglot and enjoys sharing her passions for language learning and music with anyone she meets.

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