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Here at Mango, We Love our Coffee!

cup of coffeeWhile working here at Mango Languages I have learned over time that many of the Mangoes are big coffee lovers. I was elated to find this out, since I myself am very fond of this warm, caffeinated, and delicious beverage. It all started with the gathering of Mangoes by the industrial coffee maker to pour themselves a cup o’joe throughout the day.  Then once we moved to our new office I was greeted by a 12-cup Mr. Coffee every morning along with a collection of sweeteners and creamers. Later I started seeing the variety of ground coffee brands along with a french press here and there.  I have decided to dedicate this Monday’s blog to coffee, after all more than 1400 millions cups of coffee are drunk every day worldwide.

Really Fun Facts About Coffee:

-Hawaii is the only state in the US that grows coffee

-70% of the world consumes Arabica coffee, which is mild and aromatic. The remaining 30% drinks Robusta, which is more bitter-tasting but has 50% more caffeine than Arabica.

-Coffee grows on trees

-The bean is actually a seed inside of a bright red berry

-Coffee is the second most traded commodity on earth, after oil.

-The term “Americano” comes from America GIs during WWII. They would order espresso with water to dilute the strong flavor.

-The term “cup of joe” comes from American servicemen (GI Joes) in WWII being seen as big coffee drinkers.

-Brazil produces around 40% of the world’s coffee supply.

-October 1st is official “Coffee Day” in Japan

-65 countries in the world grow coffee. They are all along the equator, within the tropics.

-It takes 40 coffee beans to make an espresso

-A coffee tree lives for between 60 and 70 years.

Who knew!

Ready to become a coffee expert? Follow this chart and you’ll be ordering grande, extra hot, non-fat, triple lattes with extra foam in no time.



What do YOU love about coffee?

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    • Coffee is certainly the main fuel in our data management systems here at Mango Languages :P
      On that note here’s a picture of a great new cafe I found this weekend here in Michigan and this is a great way to see coffee being made if you’ve never had the chance :)

    • hello!This was a really splendid post!
      I come from milan, I was luck to seek your website in wordpress
      Also I learn much in your theme really thank your very much i will come every day


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