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“Wai” is Product Development So Fun?

Mike WaiProduct Development at Mango, with all its varied duties typical of the department, is naturally intriguing.  From working with our tech team and their newest technologies to dealing with team members in distant countries (which sometimes requires unusual middle-of-the-night meetings), the constant demands that keep you on your toes is characteristically fun for us.  And the good times continue during those moments of inspiration, wherever they may occur, when those seemingly good ideas for new features come suddenly and make you scramble to jot them down before they float away beyond your reach.  But, most fun in the product development department, at least for me, is coming across the cultural notes found in the Mango chapters.  I think it is so amazing how the different cultures from all over the world do things.  For example, the “wai” was so cool that I was doing it over and over again in front of my computer.  This explanation of “wai” comes straight from the Mango software:

The “wai” is the Thai greeting and shows respect.  Just press your palms together near your chest and bow.

This “wai” is such a nice break from the usual handshake that incorporating it into my day and experiencing the occasional reciprocation is extremely enjoyable.  It is discovering cultural information like the Thai “wai” that is extremely fascinating about developing the Mango product.

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