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Video: Time Around the World

This is a great video discussing how time is perceived differently by various cultures.  When we learn about foreign languages and cultures, one of the largest differences is the concept of time.  Watch this interesting video to learn more.

How do you perceive time? Why do you think you perceive time that way?

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    • Wow!!! Really interesting! You know since the majority of kids today (according to this video) must be actively engaged and feel that they are controlling some part of the learning, I think Mango would be a great fit for them. Mango allows them to control the pace of their LL (language learning) and actively piece the language together, rather than having it spoon fed to them. Mango really should be in the schools!

      • Glad you liked the video – I thought it was really interesting too. I agree Mango is perfect for K-12 and Universities. We are already in several and the interest from these groups is very high.


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