Treat Yourself! Five Award Submissions for Your Academic Library

April 7, 2016 / by Lindsay Mullen

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Here at Mango, we’re constantly waxing poetic about how much we love academic libraries and the value they bring to their communities. But sometimes, don’t you just want a little extra recognition for your achievements?

We’re here to help you out. There are approximately a zillion awards out there for libraries and librarians, covering everything from the top paralibrarians in the field to the best Gender and Women’s Studies librarians, and it can be a lot to sift through. Yet awards are a prime way to gain recognition and give your campus a little boost at the same time. Here are five great awards to submit your library (or yourself!) to.

I Love Libraries’ I Love My Librarian Award

Are you especially close with your campus community? Do you know the name of every student who comes in through yours doors as well as what they need? If so, you may be a good fit for the I Love My Librarian Award. Each year, this award is given to 10 librarians who prove how they improve the lives of the people in their school, campus and/or community. If you’re a librarian with a master’s degree from an ALA-accredited program, you’re eligible to win!

Frances Henne Award

New to the world of academic libraries, but already making a splash? Check out the Frances Henne Award. Named after library trailblazer Frances Henne, who paved the way in creating standards for school librarians and developing library curricula, this award is given out annually to a school librarian who demonstrates leadership qualities with students, teachers and administrators. But not only is this award a groovy addition to your resumé, it also grants you free first-time admission to the ALA Annual Conference or an AASL conference.

Springshare Innovation in Academic Libraries Award

If you’re crazy-committed to library innovation, this prize is for you. The Springshare Innovation in Academic Libraries Award is given out annually to a librarian who’s launched a project that “demonstrates an innovative approach to academic librarianship.” What exactly that project is is up to you: it can be marketing materials, something that assists patrons with research or a new information literacy initiative. Whatever it is, let Springshare know—you may win this prize!

ACRL Academic/Research Librarian of the Year Award

If you’re not just a librarian but a scholar of academic library practices, you may be a good fit for this award. It recognizes those librarians who have made a significant achievement in furthering academic or research library development. If you’ve written significant research on the topic or have implemented processes that have served as a model for others, consider submitting yourself.

Excellence in Academic Libraries Award

Is your academic library the best? Let everyone know with this award, the big kahuna of academic library awards. This one awards an outstanding community college, college and university library each year with a $3,000 gift.

You’ve got a few months before the submissions open for most of these awards, so now’s the time to get your information together and figure out whether you’re eligible. In the meantime, determine how innovative you are as a librarian by taking our quiz: Is Your Academic Library on the Cutting Edge?

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Lindsay Mullen

Written by Lindsay Mullen

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