The Bordeaux Wine Festival: A French wine and cheese lover’s dream.

Jun 20, 2017 10:52:55 PM / by Jillian Rodriguez

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Calling all French wine & cheese lovers! Clear your calendars, brush up on your sommelier lingo, and pack your bags. France’s 11th annual Bordeaux Wine Festival is just around the corner, here’s everything you need to know about one of the world’s greatest wine gatherings.

What is the Bordeaux Wine Festival?

We’re so glad you asked (Swirls wine glass). Bordeaux Wine Festival is a global gathering for the wine and spirits industry’s key players and their biggest fans. In its 11th year, the festival is a celebration of the exquisite wine culture of the Bordeaux and Aquitaine regions. #BFV2017 (the event’s official hashtag!) takes place June 18th - June 21st in Bordeaux, a city that’s often called the world wine capital. What could be better?

Like all good festivals, Bordeaux Wine Festival brings you the region’s best music, food, and adult beverages. Packed with cultural celebrations, live music, and spectacular fireworks shows, the festival immerses you in the diversity and culture of France’s famed wine-growing region. Purchase a tasting pass for full access to roam the vineyards and sample up to fourteen different world-renowned French wines. Attend workshops at the School of Wine by day, take in breathtaking fireworks display over the Garonne River by night.

 And then there are the light shows: Bordeaux puts on a nightly cultural spectacular each evening of the festival, transporting spectators into the world of wine and the history of the region via an immense, multimedia screen. Racines is an extraordinary 20-minute show, using holograms, 3D, comics, statues, drawings, and more to immerse the audience into the rich culture of Bordeaux wine-making.

Will there be French wine & cheese?

 Oui. Heavy on the wine, light on the cheese - but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t come prepared. Bordeaux Wine Festival brings you the best in French wine and cuisine, because French culture considers the two inseparable. As the wine connoisseur Michael Broadbent one said, “Drinking good wine with good food in good company is one of life’s most civilized pleasures.”

Expect those pouring to suggest the best cheese or pastry to complement your wine of choice, and expect local restaurants to be serving up their most carefully curated pairings. It’s a French wine and cheese lover’s dream come true - c’est parfait.


How do I prepare?

This part is easy. If you’re headed to Bordeaux Wine Festival (or playing along from home!), you’re going to want a practical, effective course that dives into French language and culture from the perspective of Wine & Cheese. You’ll want a quick study of key grammar and vocabulary for ordering at restaurants, sayings and idioms specific to wine & cheese, and to learn about the tradition and culture of wine & cheese in France. We’ve got a course for that.

Short, simple, fun, and effective - prepare for Bordeaux Wine Festival with Mango’s French Wine & Cheese specialty course.

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