The Best Mango Programs for Assignees and Their Families

August 5, 2015 / by Mango (PS)

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: language learning is incredibly vital to the success of your assignee’s global relocation. In fact, if they and their family don’t know how to make language learning a priority, there’s a good chance that the assignment may end in failure.

Luckily, with advice from global mobility managers like you, assignees and their families can find out everything there is to know about their language learning options. From discussing how other assignees use Mango to getting the ball rolling, you’re essentially serving as your their language-learning Sherpa, guiding them through the ups and downs of this process.

Want to get your assignee and their family started on their language learning adventure? Try suggesting these three Mango programs that are fun for the entire family.

Mango Premiere

Do your assignees like to watch movies? Of course they do! With Mango Premiere, they can jumpstart their language-learning process just by watching a foreign film. Mango Premiere allows users to learn a language by immersing themselves in the authentic culture and dialogue of film and engaging in intuitive and interactive learning along the way. Engagement with the film’s plot and characters inherently increases retention of the culture, vocabulary, and phrases used in the film. Before you know it, your assignees will be quoting La Dolce Vita like they’re Marcello Mastroianni himself.

Mango Speciality Courses

Learning a second language is certainly a challenge, we know that all too well at Mango. If your assignees are a bit intimidated by the long road of language learning ahead of them, suggest a relevant specialty course to kick off their Mango experience. These courses are fun, lighthearted and full of cultural information that will help make a smoother transition abroad. Is your assignee and his wife heading to France? The Wine & Cheese course is a perfect introduction to the style and methodology Mango uses to teach and retain languages. And they’ll gain the skills they need to order the perfect bottle of Bordeaux to pair with their Camembert cheese. That’s a win-win in our book. Bon appetit!

Mango Little Pim

Here at Mango, we don’t think language-learning is only for adults—we know it’s important for the whole family. In order to prepare the children of your assignees who are also going overseas, Mango created Little Pim. This program, designed to introduce language learning to young children, stars a cartoon Panda named Pim who leads activities that make language learning fun and easy for children. Learning a new language is much easier at an early age, so once the kids start outpacing your assignees, tell them not to be surprised!

Whether your assignee wants to kick back and watch a movie or learn how to order a fancy French wine, Mango has a course that will add value to their assignment and help them kick off their language learning adventure.

Want to make sure your assignees are adjusting well to their new home? Learn more about preventing culture shock and feelings of isolation by downloading our checklist of 10 Signs You’re Experiencing Culture Shock.


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