Thanks, Bedford Public Library.

September 18, 2012 / by Mango Languages

In the early morning hours at Bedford Public Library, you shouldn’t be surprised if you hear chimes of “un, deux, trois” echoing from the meeting room. In true Mango spirit, the staff decided to lead their morning exercises in French! But this is just the first of many signs you’ll notice at BPL that they’re a Mango library. Turn the corner, and you’ll see the beautiful Foreign Language display, complete with Mango signage and bookmarks:

Look up and you’ll see the Mango TV display, or to your side and you’ll see Mango featured in a digital picture frame:

In the computer lab, Mango is featured on the screensavers:

Come on the right day, and you may even experience a Mango party!

Best of all, the BPL staff are Mango advocates wherever they go – they even carry Mango cards with them! According to Linda Davis, Reference Assistant at BPL, these cards came in handy at a local eatery after her co-worker discovered that the restaurant staff wanted to improve their English. He handed out the cards and told them all about how they could access Mango for free at the library!

Bedford Public Library – we just want to say a big thank you, merci, and gracias for all your hard work and efforts! We’re really inspired by your creativity and enthusiasm to promote Mango. Keep on rocking!

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