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Texting in Different Languages

Mango Monday:
Recently I was texting with a friend who lives in NYC but happens to be Brazilian and I kept seeing “rsrs” after some of his comments. This meant nothing to me…I actually thought it was a typo at first. But quickly realized it might actually mean something when he wrote it a few times in his texts. I asked Josi, the princess of particulars here at Mango who is from Brazil and she confirmed that it did mean something! It was the equivalent to our “ha ha ha.” Wow!

This made me think that texting language is probably different all over the world. Here are just a few languages so now you can be an international texter of mystery! ;-)

French: haha = héhé and lol =mdr, which stands for “mort de rire” which translates to “dying of laughter”

??? (Ha Ha Ha)

??????hahaha?? ha ha ha
?????????= smile / laugh , sometimes they only use ?? to keep things short, but they really like cuteness so instead of :) they would more likely do something like :
(????) ? ????? ? ?????

rsrsrs= risos, you can read kkkk, that is the sound of laughing just like hahaha, and you can also read huahuauhahua, that it is another way of hahaha or kkkk.

Do you know of any other languages and their translations for Ha ha or lol? Please share!

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