Summertime Mobility: Learn Anywhere, Anytime with Mango Mobile.

July 11, 2014 / by Mango Languages

summer_homeschoolCampfires by the lake, cross-country road trips, and sailing the seven seas – wherever your adventures take you this summer, bring your language learning along. Mango Homeschool families are known to book action-packed summers, filled with enriching activities for the little ones and memorable experiences for the whole family. Like a perfectly assembled s’more, nothing goes together better than summer adventures and language learning. After all, learning a new language is a journey in itself, and wherever your child’s busy life takes them, Mango goes too.

The perfect companion to your child’s summer learning, we’re here to teach them how to say “I love swimming” in Portuguese, “What’s your name?” in Japanese, and “Shiver me timbers!” in Pirate. With your Mango Homeschool subscription (or free trial!), you’ll have access to our fully-equipped mobile apps for Kindle, Apple, Nook, and Android, so that you can keep up your learning anywhere, anytime – even 10,000 feet in the air.

What’s on our summer bucket list? We will be hanging out by the pool (or camped out in our office), reading your testimonials. We live for your feedback, and across North America, our Homeschool families are using Mango to get their children excited about language learning this summer and beyond. We’ve always got our ear to the ground, and we hear kids greeting each other in French on Bastille Day, saying “¡Buenos Noches!” before bed each night, and even carrying on full conversations in Finnish. Our proudest moment yet: one of our bright and bold Homeschool learners called us – wait for it – almost easy. Yes, Yes, a million times yes. That’s basically our slogan. Learning with Mango is so much fun that it is (almost!) easy, but it’s challenging enough to keep your kids engaged; growing and learning their way to language-learning success. It's almost easy, and kids like it. We couldn't have said it better ourselves.

Where will you take your family’s language learning this summer? We’ve heard from our users, and they have big plans in the works for language-themed feasts, foreign-language reading lists, conversation partners, and even a fiesta or two (or a vecherinka!) – all powered by Mango Mobile. We’ll match your fiesta, and raise you one foreign language ghost story by the fire, and two “Second Language Only” drives to soccer practice. The mobile-learning possibilities are endless, and we’re happy to bring the language-learning fun to you this summer.

Interested in joining Mango Homeschool? We’re offering a limited time discount on subscriptions for summer learning, and a 2-week free trial for families new to Mango. Just enter the coupon code HS15 at checkout. Now is the time to enrich your child’s summer with language, culture, and a whole lot of fun.

Our bags are packed, we’re ready to go – learn anywhere, anytime with Mango Homeschool.

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