Students have spoken. And they love Mango.

December 20, 2012 / by Mango Languages

Mango recently surveyed users at academic institutions and found that over 90% of respondents reported an improvement in their language skills from using Mango. But that wasn’t all – they had lots of great things to say about their Mango experience. Check it out:

“I want to learn Japanese in my free time so I’ll be ready for an exchange in the near future. Mango has made it so much easier to learn Japanese and I’ve been telling all of my college friends about it.“

“I like Mango’s portability, as I have it connected on both iPad® and my Android™ phone. Whenever I need it, Mango is there!”

“I love that it covers many aspects of learning the language and gives you the opportunity to practice.”

“It offers a variety of languages – and languages that are relevant.”

“I love how simple it is to navigate and how clear the voices of the ‘teachers’ are.”

“I love how it keeps reviewing previously learned material.”

“Manageable chunks of information make me feel like I’m making progress.”

“I really like using Mango. I have been able to grasp the language much better than when I took a class on it. And I can remember much more, even if I take a long break in between sessions.”

“The format of lessons is well done: breaking down sentences, teaching the words, and showing how things change when used in another context. This has been very useful, especially in learning long or otherwise difficult phrases.”

“I like the availability and the accessibility. I can pick it up and use it whenever I want to.”

“I love this program. It has proved beneficial for every situation I have found myself in.”

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