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Jan 28, 2011 3:55:15 AM / by Rachel Reardon

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Mango Languages is an online language learning software that uses a fun and effective flashcard-type method to help you learn the basics of your chosen language. The software is extremely easy to navigate and the interface is rather simple. As soon as you open the program you choose your chapter and begin. I found it very easy to use. I chose to review Mango Languages in Mandarin, which is the most spoken dialect of Chinese. The software came packed with 10 chapters, which contained 81 lessons in total. Each chapter has a review at the end to recap what you were taught during the lessons in the chapter. During your lessons, you'll be shown words or phrases (color-coded) that the narrator will have you repeat or remember. During this time you'll hear the correct pronunciation and the pinyin for the words or phrases when you move your mouse over the words." Read More...

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