Start a Language Love Affair: From Mango, With Love

February 7, 2014 / by Jillian Rodriguez

Mango Languages

Estou apaixonado.

Did you understand that? If you did, are you in love with us too?

Mango speaks the language of love, and so can you. With just a week before Valentine’s Day, there’s never been a better time to start a language love affair. Our easy and fun mini lessons are a free crash course in pick-up lines, flirty phrases and romantic confessions in Spanish, Italian, French and Brazilian Portuguese. After all, what’s more romantic than romance languages?

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It’s time to retire the teddy bear. And the chocolates. Don’t even get us started on drug store greeting cards; especially if they’re in English. Your Valentine’s Day just got better. This year, it’s all about the second language sweet nothings, the Portuguese pick up lines, and frenching in French. Slip your mini course of choice under your partner’s pillow (we’re mobile!) and watch the sparks fly.

We’re working magic for more than just the long-term lovers. Single Mangos, we’ve got you covered. Too nervous to strike up a conversation in your native tongue? Try offering her a drink in French. Got your eye on that guy from your favorite coffee shop? J'ai l'impression de t'avoir déjà vu lets him know you’ve noticed him before. You can even step up your OKCupid game by striking up a flirty conversation in your new connection’s native language. Bilinguals do it better.

And hey, librarians. Can we buy you a drink? We know we said these courses are a great programming opportunity, and that your patrons will love a good romance course – and that’s all true. But, there’s more to it than that. We wanted an excuse to ask you out. You’re all just so loveable, and we have so much in common. We’ve just been waiting for the perfect occasion. So what do you say? È occupato questo posto?

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Mango is for lovers, so get to loving. Share your #mangolove stories with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We can’t promise that we’ll respond to you in English, so feel free to sweet talk us with your new love language skills.

Happy Learning.





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Jillian Rodriguez

Written by Jillian Rodriguez

Jillian is a writer and editor out of Detroit, Michigan. She loves connecting people through new ideas, interesting stories, and good conversation. In her free time, Jillian loves to read, write, and listen to podcasts - in Spanish and in English!

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