Speaking another language makes you sexier

May 23, 2011 6:00:14 AM / by Rachel Reardon

I have always had a thing for men with an accent but there is something really sexy about Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow in the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie released on May 20, 2011. I really can't put my finger on exactly what it is but I know I am not alone. Many of my female friends are in complete agreement. But I can guess that one of the contributing factors to his sexiness is... he speaks Pirate.

Why does knowing a foreign language or having an accent seem sexy? It implies education, good taste, and refinement, and it will certainly make you standout against the competition. Now, pirates may not have any of these qualities so it might just be Johnny Depp and his dreads. ;-) Either way, I will have more please.

How much is my love for the Johnny Depp pirate character...I was excited to even meet a Captain Jack Sparrow impersonator at a recent event for the Travel and Adventure and Travel Show in LA. (see picture above). I am so excited about our new FREE Pirate language course that is available through the end of June. The Mango pirate linguist who developed the course was definitely one of a kind. Our pirate course has been reviewed by users as "fun," "genius," "brilliant," and even "a great way to waste away a few hours of your day." The best part of the course is the cultural notes where you can learn about the roots of modern democracy. There are even a few pirate jokes thrown in for good measure.

But really, don't you just want to learn to speak Pirate so you can impress all those swashbucklers out there? Try it for FREE!

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Rachel Reardon

Written by Rachel Reardon

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