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Spain Wins World Cup

photoI was sitting on the edge of my seat for most of the 2nd half of the game yesterday.   I was watching the game with some international friends whose allegiances were divided…some for the Netherlands and some for Spain. I was completely for Spain. I wore red; I had my nails painted Red and Gold with the words Spain on them; and even took a Spanish fan (you know the kind you hold in your hand) with me to the bar to watch the game all in hopes of win.

You see, this game was personal for me.  Having lived in Spain for a summer back in 1992 and visiting several times over the past few years, Spain has a piece of my heart.   My host family was amazing and I made several great friendships while living there.   It was because of my wonderful experiences there that I work in the world of language now.

I know that my family and friends in Spain are celebrating this first time World Cup win.  And they need it.   Their economy has been rocked just as badly, if not worse, than ours.  Sometimes those small wins are what get us through the tough times.

So to all my Spanish family and friends…Viva Espana!

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