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Seeing Mango in Action

Seeing the Mango program in action will never get old.

This past weekend, members of the Mango Languages marketing department headed down to Atlanta, Georgia, in tie-dye t-shirts for a Travel and Adventure trade show where we had the opportunity to demonstrate our product to travel enthusiasts and professionals.  This being my first trade show since I started working at Mango, I was thrilled to see the program through the eyes of interested language learners of all ages and backgrounds.  Here are a few things I learned:

1. Age is just a number.

Seeing children walk up to our booth at the show and immediately begin to pick up on a foreign language within a few minutes of a demonstration was phenomenal to see. Also seeing a 70-year-old man, previously convinced he was too old to learn a language, pick up on it within a few minutes is even more amazing.

2. Language is personal.

Hearing stories from attendees about why they wanted to learn a language made me realize just how amazing an endeavor learning a language is. People genuinely want to connect with other people and cultures; whether it’s to feel connected to the rich art history on a trip to Paris or to finally have a conversation with their Spanish-speaking future mother-in-law.

3. People love tie-dye.

We proudly sported tie-dyed t-shirts at our trade show booth. Say what you want about tie-dye; deep down, everyone loves it.

So, what feature do you like the most in the Mango products? Are there new features you would like to see?

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