School’s out for summer! Making the most out of your academic library between semesters

June 15, 2015 / by Mango (PS)

Campuses around the country are quieting down as students finish up finals and head off for summer internships, jobs and new adventures. As a librarian, take this quiet time to relax and enjoy the break—you deserve it, you library superstar!

However, there’s always work to be done. Fall semester’s just around the corner, and soon you’ll be training a whole new class of scholars in the art of research. Here’s how you can take summer vacation to prepare your library for fall 2015:


Reorganize (and keep everyone up-to-date on the process)

As Duke University has been renovating their Rubenstein Library, they’ve kept students and faculty updated with photos and information on how the process is coming along. Lately, they’ve let everyone know how their books are being reorganized into the Library of Congress system, making it easier to find needed resources in a flash. They went a step further and mapped the locations of all their materials using Tableau, a data visualization system that provides a beautiful visual representation of everything in the library. Not only does this help keep the students up to date on library happenings, but data visualization is a fun way for them to explore your offerings before they arrive on campus.


Keep learning alive over the summer

Just because the majority of students have left the campus doesn’t mean your library doesn’t have an audience. Faculty, researchers and summer session participants are still around the building and faraway students will still follow you on social media. For inspiration, check out how the University of North Carolina Library has been engaging students through their summer film series, or follow the University of Illinois - Chicago’s example and let Twitter followers know about a new product you’re testing over the summer to get their thoughts and opinions. When everyone returns to campus, they’ll be full of the library knowledge needed to hit the ground running.


Make resources available

While your library’s online resources are just a click away for vacationing students, there are some who still yearn to crack open a dusty old library book. In order to keep these students exposed to the physical resources you provide, try developing a remote delivery service to deliver books and other resources to student’s homes. Look through the University of Iowa’s offerings for an interesting example of how to connect with students through the snail mail system.

Let us know: how are you making the most out of summer vacation?


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