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At the beginning of each chapter, you’ll be exposed to a short conversation, which you should be able to mostly understand by the time you reach the end of the chapter. When the dialogue first appears, it’s printed in English. As the speakers move through it, the words switch to the language that you’re learning, in my case, German.

Then, you move into the learning course proper. Click the arrow to start, and a flash card appears. An English speaker will either explain what you are about to learn or prompt you, perhaps asking if you remember how to say a particular set of words. For example, she might say, “Do you remember how to say ‘on the left?'” You’re then given a few seconds to respond, with a clock showing you how much time at the top. You can add 15-second increments to the clock up to a full minute. When the time elapses, the answer appears, and a native speaker pronounces it.

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