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Reporting for Dudy!

Czech Bagpipe FestivalAlright, so the joke was stupid – Dudy is just the Czech term for bagpipes.

For four days in late August on every second year, the Czech Bagpipe Festival, or Mezinarodni Dudacky Festivalu, takes place in the town of Strakonice.  Bagpipes are paraded from the town to the local 16th century castle nearby.

Bagpipes from all over the world are on display, along with dancers in traditional costumes.   These aren’t just your stereotypical kilted Irishmen, though.   There are many different styles of bag piping, and some performers are accompanied by bands with singers and dancers.

The festival began as a celebration of the town’s 600th birthday in 1967.   Most of the activity is held within the castle, which includes a museum with a Dudy exhibit, but there are plenty of bagpipe sellers and an abundance of readily-available cheap beer.

If you’re interested checking out some folks in active Dudy, find the video here. Have you ever seen a bagpipe performance?

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