Relocation: Make it a Family Matter

February 20, 2015 / by Rachel Reardon

Excited to move to a new location for your job, but overwhelmed by the possibilities it provides for you and your family? Relocation isn’t always easy, but making sure that your family is settled is crucial for success. In the 2014 Global Mobility Policy and Practices Survey conducted by Cartus, 61% of human-resource professionals responded that a family’s inability to adapt to a new location is one of the top three reason assignments may fail. Family difficulties learning a new language and culture are cited as the leading source of trouble in relocation. No need to feel down. At Mango, we recognize your challenges, and we’re here to help.

So how can you ensure that you and your family arrive in your host location prepared and confident? Read on for our tips.

Prepare together.

Leading up to the move, set aside time to learn the language and culture together. Try watching films from your host location together and instead of the typical popcorn and candy, snack on some local munchies. Kung Fu Dunk and a big plate of xiaolongbao? Delicious, entertaining learning.

Get help finding jobs and schools.

Depending on your situation, your spouse may be looking for a job in your new homeland, and kids will need schools. Ask your HR department or global mobility manager if they know of English-speaking firms and international schools you can connect with. By making sure your family is set up for success, you’ll help ease everyone’s transition into the new culture.

Once you’re there, spend quality time together.

Your family will all be experiencing different things: kids will encounter new vocabulary and trends in their schools, and spouses will find new friends in their work. Take the time to learn from each other: your kids will help you master all the hip slang of the region and your spouse may help you find the coolest cafes their co-workers introduced them to. Make time when you might make a traditional German Abendessen for dinner or take a Christmastime visit to the local Christkindlmarkt.

Find a support system.

Your HR department or global mobility manager will be your family’s connection to a wide network of resources available to you. Find out if you can find English-speaking doctors and dentists through your company, or reach out to them to see if they can connect you with other expat families in the area. Finding other people from your home country means that your family will have other people to talk to about everything from cultural misunderstandings you’ve experienced to the best places to get local delicacies to how much you all miss peanut butter.

Let us know: aside from Mango, how are you preparing with your family for relocation?


Rachel Reardon

Written by Rachel Reardon

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