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Pourcailhade FranceEvery year on the second Sunday of August, the town of Trie Sur Baise, France is as happy as a pig in mud.  Seriously. Put on by the Brotherhood of the Pig, Pourcailhade is the French festival celebrating the swine.

Trie Sur Baise, where the festival takes place, is one of the largest pig raising areas in France and actually has a dedicated market for everything pig.  During the week of the event, there are eating contests, a pig-outfit contest, general festivities around the whole town, and the biggest event–the national pig imitation competition, in which contestants must not just make pig sounds but be able to do so corresponding to different portions of the pig’s life, like feeding or reproduction.

On top of this, every business in the town must create its own personal character, image, or cartoon of a pig to participate.

So don your snout, your wiry tail, and your best oink, and make your way to France (or send one of your piggish in-laws) to roll around in this festival.

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