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Jul 13, 2010 7:02:34 AM / by Mango Languages

Steve Perakis, Director of Product Development sporting his Mango Gear

Back in April, Mango Languages announced a new promotion system for Public Libraries. I spent several months visiting libraries, talking on the phone with our partners and asking lots of questions to see what they thought would be the best way to get the word out about the library and the Mango Languages Online Learning Software. Their feedback helped create this new promotional system.

Here at Mango, we believe that it is our responsibility as the vendor, to help make your job as easy as possible while generating much excitement for the library. Marketing is a key function to do this. That is why we wanted to create something fun, easy, and successful.

We sent out bright orange envelopes, emails, and talked about it in our newsletter. However, many of our library partners haven't taken full advantage the system. We want you to get all the goodies you can earn just by marketing your library and the Mango Languages resource to your patrons.

A few things you should know:

1. Make sure you have access to the Mango Languages Administration what we call the MAP. (If you need access, contact your library administrator or your Mango language learning rep to help get you set up. It only takes a minute.)

2. Check out the Training Videos on the Dashboard. One is all about the MAP and the other is a Staff Training on Mango Languages. Also, we are coming out with a Patron video later this summer that you can easily share on your website and at in-person events.

3. Check out the Promote Tab. There are tons of fun things here. First, look at the free downloads section. Here you will find logos, descriptions, a Mango Brand guide, sample blog posts, tweets, and newsletter articles. There are tons of templates, so all you need to do is make a couple of customizations with your specific library info.

4. Earn points! You can do this a couple of ways. First, just for being a customer you get points. We even give you extra points to reward our loyal customers for renewing. Second, check off as many items as you can on the Marketing Checklist. You can earn points for doing things like placing the Mango Logo and a description on your website, blogging about Mango, sending press releases to your local newspapers, radio and TV folks. Publish an article and earn more points. Doing something above and beyond like a billboard or a video on youtube and earn lots of points. The more creative the better!

5. Spend your points in the Mango Store. Use them for things like T-shirts for staff to wear for a Mango Monday event, for mouse pads for your computer lab, or bookmarks for patrons. You can even use your points for things like Mango Mugs and Umbrellas that you can use as special prizes for your patrons. Please check out the pictures of the gear - our staff had fun modeling all the goodies.

We want you to have fun with this new promotional system. We know Mango Languages is something that your community will talk about and many of our library partners who have used this new promotion system have increased library card holders and their user stats by up to 1000%.

Don't wait any longer...start getting your Mango gear today!

Have you used the system? Please comment and let us know what you think!!!!

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