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Oakland County Moms Review

Check out this review on the Oakland County Moms website!

“My parents are bilingual, as are many of my relatives. I have tried all my life to learn how to speak the Italian language, and I must admit, I wouldn’t survive a day trying to get around in Italy.

I recently tried Mango Passport, a language learning tool that I downloaded from the Mango Languages website. I chose Italian, and I got to work.

What I really like about Mango:

-You don’t have to leave your house

-You can work at your own pace, unlike a classroom setting

-The set up is very effective – more on this later

-Kids love it

Finally, I found a language learning tool that is convenient for me. The set up of the Mango language lessons is very effective. You would really have to see it for yourself to understand how I am trying to explain it, but I will do my best to give you a good idea. You scroll through lessons. Each subsequent lesson builds on the previous language lesson. Read More…

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