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Sep 28, 2010 12:25:53 PM / by Mango Languages

26514_379359308428_32649113428_3890001_5012391_aA few weeks ago I attended a birthday party for a friend of the family. The house was full of kids and grandkids who all came to celebrate a special event. In between the main course and dessert I got to interact with the kids, playing charades, singing karaoke, playing hide and seek, etc. Seeing how the kids selectively communicated with each individual, fascinated me. Their parents were born in Russia and they were leaning Hebrew in school, yet they were born in the United States. It was "Zdrastvuyte" (hello in Russian) to all the guests, "Shalom" (hello in Hebrew) at school and "Hey, what's up?" among friends.

This is exactly what I thought of when I found this article from USA Today, More children Learn More Than One Language. This article is all about children learning to speak multiple languages at a very young age in our globalized world.

"More and more people are aware of the importance of teaching another language to their child because we are in a global world," says François Thibaut, who runs The Language Workshop for Children, which has nine schools around the East Coast.

Language study for children is based on immersion, he says. Kids sing songs and play games to help develop language comprehension skills. "This is a natural way of learning language."

The articles goes on to state, that when children start learning languages at birth, they have the capacity to learn many languages at once without getting confused — because, as the brain develops, so too does the ability to separate one language from another.

Early language learning has been shown to enhance verbal development, as well as reading, writing, and social skills. Now that Mango Languages offers Little Pim, a child doesn't have to have an ethnic background to learn a foreign language. Since we've launched Little Pim as part of Mango Languages earlier in the summer, kids ages 0-6 can learn foreign languages in a fun, easy, and effective way. Kids who know more than one language not only have the opportunity to think creatively in a different language but also more opportunities to express themselves through communication. This is so exciting!

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