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My First

Mango GongI didn’t really think anything as I returned from lunch pulled into the parking lot and saw Dave driving away.  Well, maybe I thought – “hmm he’s eating even later than me.”  Regardless, I would have totally forgotten about it had it not been for the [Dave OOTO] email sitting in my inbox.  Likewise, the email would have soon forgotten, had it not been for the sales fax that came in addressed to Dave.  Finally,  I would never have noticed the fax had it not been followed by Drew’s suggestion that I hit the gong for Dave.   That’s Right!  Today, at 2:30 I got the call.  Nervously (in my head) I quickly debated,  -Do I hit the gong with a series of subtle hits ala Ryan, multitude of powerful hits ala Marco, attention grabbing spectacle ala Bob….. Finally I decided short, sweet, and to the point, a single strong blow to the center.  Thanks Dave!

When is the last time you rang a gong?

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