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December 9, 2014 / by Mango Languages

Our mango Meagan is on the quest to track down customers who reach patrons in new and interesting ways. She recently met with Julie Erickson, the Electronic Resources Librarian for South Dakota. From their Electronic Resources Challenge to their support of word-of-mouth marketing, they are promoting rockstars! We've highlighted one of the coolest ways they're getting the word out.


Spotlight on South Dakota Librarians Meagan and South Dakota's Electronic Resources Coordinator, Julie Erickson, grabbing a bite to eat together!

South Dakota State Library staff's fantastic idea to help spread awareness about electronic resources to patrons with an Electronic Resources Challenge served as an inspiration for our very own challenge: Mango's Mobile Usage Challenge.

But that's not the only way South Dakota is impressing us. They also know how to leverage word-of-mouth marketing too! When it comes to schools in South Dakota, they're familiar with Mango Languages even in their elementary school classes. As highlighted in their newsletter, Harrisburg Elementary students used Mango for a mini-report on languages. Julie Erickson, Electronic Services Coordinator for South Dakota, also mentioned that another elementary school is using the mobile apps with their ELL students to learn Mango on their iPads.

What promo tip can we take away from South Dakota’s success? How about: Try reaching out to your local schools to tell them how they can use Mango for free to help their students learn a new language.

We can't wait for all those elementary school kids to try out our newly redesigned iPad app. We think they'll just adore it! Check out a <a title="An exclusive sneak peek at our new iPad app coming soon!" href="">sneak peek of it here</a> for yourself!

Have you or other fellow librarians been promoting Mango and other electronic and mobile resources in resourceful, fun, or creative ways too? Let us know or fill out this form to get featured in the next edition of our newsletter, The Mango Minute.


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