An exclusive sneak peek at our new iPad app coming soon!

December 9, 2014 / by Mango Languages

We're gearing up to reveal our brand new, beautiful mobile apps (available on iPhone, Android phone, Android tablet, and iPad). Take an early look at the stunning new interface our dedicated designers and playful programmers prepared with you in mind.


Ready to see some sweet and stylish screenshots of our new iPad app?

Here we go! And here's a tip: click on the screenshots for a higher resolution view!


Mango's colorful course selection

So many colorful language courses to choose from, how will you ever decide?

Well, you can start off by taking a look at our six most Popular Languages listed at the top.

Then you can choose to browse either by Foreign Languages, English Courses, or Specialty Courses.

Or, if you know exactly what you're looking for, you can use the Search for a language search bar in the top right corner and type either the name of the language you want to learn or the country in which that language is commonly spoken!





Mango's conversing Manguitos

Manguitos love talking with each other in foreign languages!

The conversation slides that start each lesson are so cute you'll want to watch and listen to these Manguitos banter with each other all day. Need a break to think about what one of the Manguitos said? Tap the green pause button and give yourself a breather! When you're ready, re-tap that button and resume right where you left off.









Mango's Semantic Color Mapping

Never fear, our semantic color mapping is still here!

And prettier than ever, we might add! Touch a word in the language you're learning to see its phonetic popup and hear its pronunciation.

Pop quiz: What do you think Hola means in Spanish? ;)

And what do you think our little Manguito is doing there in the bottom right corner? He's critically thinking on one of our critical thinking slides, of course!







Mango's Voice Compare

Imitation is the greatest form of flattery!

And that's why you can record and compare your voice to a native speaker's as many times as your heart desires with Mango's voice compare feature.

Tap the green speaker button to listen to just the native speaker's voice recording, tap the yellow speaker right under it to hear your voice recording only, or tap the orange button on the right to hear both of your voice recordings simultaneously.

And! As an extra bonus treat you can email your voice recordings to anyone you want by tapping the grey button in the top left corner. Now you can show off all you want, you smarty pants, you!



Mango's culture notes

We're burstin' with cultural flavor.

What's a language without all the cultural idiosyncrasies, idioms, customs, and superstitions that go along with it? No fun at all, we tell ya! That's why during your language-learning journey, you'll stumble upon our delightful Culture Notes to add even more flavor and color to your learning.










In love and can't wait to get your hands on your own Mango journey and share it with your passionate language-learning patrons and friends? We know, we can read your thoughts from here.

We'd love to share more, but good things come to those who wait. And we promise you won't be waiting long — expect this beautiful new app by the end of January. That'll be right in time for any lovely librarians attending ALA MidWinter to check it out in Chicago!

Before you go, be sure to give huge virtual thumbs up to the people behind these fabulous new mobile apps. Meet our creative graphic designer Eon, our diligent UI/UX designer Ni, our playful programmer Jacob, our lovely project manager Lorenzo, our judicious product development director John, and our awesome QA analyst Gordon (not pictured).

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